Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
Address: Russia, 119882, Moscow, M. Pirogovskaya st., 1
Phone: +7 (499) 246 60 11
Number of persons: 279
Number of authors: 329
Number of publications: 604

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  • Makhotkin, Artem Jurevich
  • Mardashev, Yurii Sergeevich
  • Marenich, Evgenii Evgen'evich
  • Maslov, V V
  • Matrosov, Viktor Leonidovich
  • Matus, V N
  • Matveev, Eugene Mikhailovich
  • Matveev, Vladimir Yur'evich
  • Melekhina, T L
  • Mel'tser, M M
  • Merzon, Anatoli Evgen'evich
  • Mikenberg, A M
  • Milliaresi, Evgenia Evgen'evna
  • Milostnaya, I I
  • Minaeva, O V
  • Mit'kin, Dmitrii Alekseevich
  • Moiseev, Ivan Alexandrovich
  • Mordasheva, T L
  • Moskalenko, A I
  • Mozgunov, Mikhail Alexandrovich
  • Mozhaikina, Marta Vyacheslavovna
  • Munos Vaskes, Ankhel Horkheevich
  • Muraveva, Olga Viktorovna
  • Mushrub, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
  • Moscow State Pedagogical University, RussiaThe University's history dates back to 1872 when Guerie's Higher Women's Education Courses were established.

    The University offers a wide range of opportunities to students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels in correspondence with both their specific interests and their overall training. The main directions of the University's activity are:

    1. Training of highly qualified harmoniously developed individuals.
    2. Anticipatory character of training and inservice training of specialists based on modern achievements in the fields of psychology and education.
    3. Provision for faculty members to conduct research in the area of fundamental and applied sciences.

    Has 130 years of experience in training of highly qualified teachers and specialists in different fields of education. 18 faculties, 103 departments, 20000 students, over 600 full-time international students. Experienced and active faculty (225 Professors, 361 Doctors, 902 Assistant Professors, 928 Masters of Science, 17 full and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Education and the Russian Academy of Sciences).

    The highest quality of training is based on newest scientific theories. Flexible programs of training provide the students with a wide range of professional opportunities.



    Other institution names:
    • Moscow State (V. I. Lenin) Pedagogical Institute
    • Moscow State Pedagogical Institute
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