Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS, Russia
Address: Russia, 109004, Moscow, Alexander Solzhenitsyn st., 25
Phone: +7(495) 912 44 25
Fax: +7(495) 912 15 24
Number of persons: 155
Number of authors: 179
Number of publications: 269

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  • Kalinov, A Ya
  • Kalugin, Mikhail Dmitrievich
  • Karpov, Leonid Evgen'evich
  • Karpulevitch, Evgenii Andreyevich
  • Kaushan, Vadim Vladimirovich
  • Kazakov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich
  • Khachatryan, A. 
  • Khoroshilov, Alexey Vladimirovich
  • Kildishev, Denis Stepanovich
  • Kim, Evgeniy Svyatoslavovich
  • Klimov, S A
  • Koltunov, Dmitry Sergeevich
  • Korshunov, Anton Viktorovich
  • Kosachev, Aleksandr Sergeevich
  • Koshelev, Konstantin Borisovich
  • Koshelev, Vladimir Konstantinovich
  • Kotsynyak, Artyom Mikhailovich
  • Kozlov, Ilya Sergeyevich
  • Kudryashov, E A
  • Kurmangaleev, Shamil Faimovich
  • Kutz, Daniil Olegovich
  • Kuznetsov, Sergei Dmitrievich
  • Kuzyurin, Nikolai Nikolaevich
  • Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) is a research organization specializing in system programming. The Institute develops world class technologies in such fields as operating systems, compiler technologies, parallel and distributed computing, verification and software testing technologies, Big Data, semantic search, etc.

    Among the long-term domestic partners of the Institute are: State Research Institute of Aviation Systems, VimpelCom Ltd., Quant, Oreon, among the foreign Samsung, Huawei, Dell EMC, HPE, Intel, Nvidia, Rogue Wave, Linux Foundation. Many of them took part in setting up joint laboratories. One of the main objectives of ISP RAS is top-qualification manpower training in the IT sector.

    The Institute provides its own post-graduate courses as well as hosts chairs at MSU, MIPT and HSE. Also, ISP RAS implements joint projects with leading university and research centers, such as Cambridge University (the UK), Carnegie-Mellon University (the USA), INRIA (France), Passau University (Germany), and others.


    Other institution names:
    • Institute for System Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences
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