University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Address: United Kingdom, M13 9PL, Manchester, Oxford Road
Phone: +44 (0) 161 306 6000
Fax: +44 (0) 161 275 2850
Number of persons: 55
Number of authors: 45
Number of publications: 62

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  • Alhazmi, Manal
  • Arathoon, Philip
  • Babaei, Esmaeil
  • Berk, D
  • Biggs, Adam
  • Borovik, A V
  • Buchstaber, Victor Matveevich [Bukhshtaber, Viktor Matveevich]
  • Bullough, R K
  • Denisov, Denis Eduardovich
  • Eccles, Peter John
  • Evstigneev, Igor' Vyacheslavovich
  • Fedotov, Sergei P
  • Garkusha, Grigory Anatolevich
  • Geim, Andre K
  • Getmanov, B S
  • Gibson, D
  • Gorbachev, Roman V
  • Grant, M
  • Grigorenko, A N
  • Hall, H E
  • Khudaverdian, Hovhannes M
  • Kozikov, A
  • Kwong, H.
  • Leikin, Dmitrii Viktorovich
  • Lewis, J
  • Lloyd, C
  • Mishchenko, Artem
  • Montaldi, J
  • Nadarajah, Saralees
  • Novoselov, Konstantin Sergeevich
  • Odesskii, Alexander Vladimirovich
  • Peškir, Goran [Peskir, Goran]
  • Petukhov, Aleksei Vladimirovich
  • Premet, Alexander Arkad'evich
  • Prest, Mike
  • Ray, Nigel
  • Robinson, B J
  • Sapchenko, Sergey Aleksandrovich
  • Schenk-Hoppé, Klaus Reiner
  • Sexton, Jenny
  • Sidorov, Nikita Arsenovich
  • Sklyuåva, Yu A
  • Somers, Harold
  • Süß, Hendrik
  • Symonds, Peter
  • Tu, J S
  • Utyuzhnikov, Sergey Vladimirovich
  • Voronkov, Andrei Anatol'evich
  • Voronov, Theodore Theodorovich [Voronov, Fedor Fedorovich]
  • Wang, Yi Bo
  • Ziemba, William T
  • The University of Manchester has been created by bringing together The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST, two of Britain's most distinguished universities, to create a powerful new force in British Higher Education.

    The new merged University has been established with an unprecedented £300m investment programme. With some of the highest quality teaching and research and the broadest spread of academic subjects, we will be able to compete with the best universities in the world. The new institution is expected to be the largest single-site university in the UK, offering students a greater choice of degree programmes and options, and even better facilities and student support services.


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