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  • Panasyuk, L I
  • Petrov, P P
  • Popovych, Roman B
  • Prokhorenko, S V
  • Prokhorenko, V Ya
  • Puchin, V A
  • Pustomel'nikov, I P
  • Puyda, Dmytro
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University, UkraineA century and a half has slipped by since the foundation of the oldest Ukrainian higher technical educational establishment, which is well known because of its works in the field of science and engineering. A significant number of prominent scientists, who had left their bright mark in science, have worked here in this period. Among them there are such known specialists as V. Aulikh, V. Mozer, S. Frize, W. Krukovskiy, R. Zalozetskiy, Yu. Medvedskiy, K. Bartel, M. Huber, S. Banach, Yu. Zaharevich, A. Kurylo, K. Vaigel, I. Levinskiy, G. Sokolnitskiy, O. Kharkevich, O. Karandeyev, B. Shvetskiy, I. Vyshenchuk, O. Andriyevskiy, M. Komarov, T. Hubenko, T. Yurzhenko, V. Kiyanitsia, D. Tolopko, Yu. Velychko, M. Shulga who were successfully carrying out their investigations in the fields of instrument building and electrical engineering, mechanics and mathematics, geodesy, building and architecture, chemistry and chemical technology.

    150 years is an instant for a History, but it is also a time for prosperity, daring and new intentions for our university. Today the body of "Lviv Polytechnic" is full of creative power, hope and expectance.

    The development of industry called for a life the new fields of production, gave the incitement for the research work, started the creation of the entire scientific and research bodies. Today, the investigations at "Lviv Polytechnic" on the 16 basic directions are being done by the subdivisions of the scientific and research department of the university.

    The scientific work at the university has its own specifics: it must be combined with educational process according to the specialists training profile. The basic scientific directions, which were worked out at the university, completely correspond to this condition.



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