Perm State National Research University, Russia
Address: Russia, 614990, Perm', Bukireva st., 15
Phone: +7 (3422) 39 63 26, +7 (3422) 33 61 83 (ректор)
Fax: +7 (3422) 34 25 52
Number of persons: 162
Number of authors: 165
Number of publications: 224

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  • Nepomnyaschih, Iu V
  • Nesterov, Konstantin Petrovich
  • Neverov, Alexey
  • Nikiforova, Elena Valeryevna
  • Nikitin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
  • Nosova, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
  • Perm State National Research University, RussiaThe Perm State University was founded on October 14, 1916. It originated on the dividing line of two epochs of Russian history. That decade was marked by both so called "the silver age" of Russian culture, ingenious scientific achievements, rapid economic growth and by the crisis of the political system and also catastrophic war, which brought Russia to the brink of social and political revolution. All these factors shaped the history of the University.

    Nowadays there are 11 Faculties and about 12,000 students in it. The University acquire degrees in 32 academic programs where tuition period is 5 years: there are 10 special programs for Masters and Bachelors; 250 post-graduates and post Ph.Ds carry out their research works in 60 programs.

    Every year members of the academic staff are involved in more than 250 research projects in different fields of studies which includes physics, mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, geophysics, nature preservation, theory of economics, modern and contemporary history of Russia and of the world, Law, political sciences, linguistics and history and theory of Russian and World Literature, etc.

    There are 106 full professors and 374 Ph.D. degrees holders at 70 Departments of the University. Honoured Scientists of Russian Federation and a number of academicians of various academies, including the highest academic body of Russia — Russian Academy of Sciences) are among the University staff.

    13 Academic Degrees Awarding Boards, including 6 Full Professorship Degree Awarding Boards, deal with the main scientific activities of Perm State University.



    Other institution names:
    • Molotov State University
    • Perm State Pedagogical University
    • Perm State University
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