Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Address: Russia, 119992, Moscow, Leninskie Gory
Phone: +7 (495) 939 10 00
Fax: +7 (495) 939 01 26
Number of persons: 6704
Number of authors: 7669
Number of publications: 16777

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  • Fabrichnyi Pavel Borisovich
  • Fadeev V E
  • Fadeev Viktor Vladimirovich
  • Faermark David Samuilovich
  • Fakhrutdinova T K
  • Falin Anatolii Ivanovich
  • Falin Gennadi Ivanovitch
  • Fam Fu
  • Faminskaya M V
  • Faskheev Igor' Olegovich
  • Fatalov Vadim Rolandovich
  • Fateeva E I
  • Fatihova Nafisa Shuhratovna
  • Favorski A P
  • Fazylbekov Marat Faritovich
  • Fedorchuk L V
  • Fedorchuk Vitalii Vital'evich
  • Fedorenko V V
  • Fedorov D O
  • Fëdorov D V
  • Fedorov Gennadii Mikhailovich [Fedorov G M]
  • Fedorov Gleb Vladimirovich [Fedorov Gleb]
  • Fedorov Igor Yurievich
  • Fedorov Ilya Sergeevich
  • Fedorov S M
  • Fedorov Sergei N
  • Fedorov V A
  • Fedorov Valerii Mikhailovich
  • Fedorov Vladimir Mikhajlovich
  • Fedorov Vladimir Yur'evich
  • Fedorov Vyacheslav Vasil'evich
  • Fedorov Yurii Nikolaevich
  • Fedorova G F
  • Fedorova K V
  • Fedorova O A
  • Fedorova Valentina Sergeevna
  • Fedorovskiy Konstantin Yurievich
  • Fedoseev Anatolii Ivanovich
  • Fedoseev Denis Alexandrovich
  • Fedoseev Vladimir Mikhailovich
  • Fedoseev Vladislav Vladimirovich
  • Fedosin Sergei Grigor'evich
  • Fedosova A N
  • Fedotov A B [Fedotov Andrei Borisovich]
  • Fedotov I V
  • Fedotov Mikhail Valentinovich
  • Fedotov N N
  • Fedotov Nikita Nikolaevich
  • Fedotov Stanislav Nikolaevich
  • Fedushin Il'ya Andreevich
  • Fedyanin A A
  • Fedyanovich Aleksey Vasil'evich
  • Fedynskii Vsevolod Vladimirovich
  • Feigin Mikhail Vladimirovich
  • Feklichev E M
  • Feldman Konstantin Eduardovich
  • Fel'dman Naum Il'ich
  • Feldman Tatyana Borisovna
  • Felikson Anna Aleksandrovna
  • Feodorov S A
  • Feoktistov Konstantin Mikhailovich
  • Fetisov Gennady Vladimirovich
  • Figurnov M V
  • Filatov Èduard Sergeevich
  • Filatov Anatoly Dmitrievich
  • Filatov Maksim Alexeevich
  • Filatov Oleg Pavlovich
  • Filatova Lyubov Yur'evna
  • Filatova S A
  • Filimonov Dmitry Andreevich
  • Filimonov Vladislav Pavlovich
  • Filimonova Irina Vladimirovna
  • Filinovskii Aleksei Vladislavovich
  • Filippov Aleksei Fedorovich [Philippov A F]
  • Filippov Lev Petrovich
  • Filippov Vladimir Vasil'evich
  • Filippov Y
  • Filippov Yurii Grigor'evich
  • Filippova Elena Mikhailovna
  • Filippova S V
  • Filippova Svetlana Emel'yanovna
  • Filippychev D S
  • Fimmel Elena [Kurmakaeva E Sh]
  • Finikov B I
  • Firsov Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Firsova Lyudmila Porfir'evna
  • Firsova Tatiana Sergeevna
  • Fishkin Aleksei Yur'evich
  • Flerov Aleksandr Alekseevich
  • Fock Natal'ya Vladimirovna
  • Fokin Maksim Sergeevich
  • Fokina L D
  • Fomenko Anatoly Timofeevich
  • Fomenko Tatiana Nikolaevna
  • Fomichev Vasilii Vladimirovich
  • Fomicheva Ol'ga Alekseevna
  • Fomin Aleksei Evgen'evich
  • Fomin Andrei Leonidovich
  • Fomin Leonid Viktorovich
  • Fomin Sergei Vasil'evich [Fomin S]
  • Fomin Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Fomin Yu A
  • Fonarev Anton Vyacheslavovich
  • Formal'sky A M
  • Forsh P A
  • Foss Volya Leonidovich
  • Fraguela Collar Andrés
  • Frank Leonid S
  • Frantsuzov Oleg Georgievich
  • Freidlin Mark Iosifovich
  • Frenkel Elizaveta Vladimirovna
  • Frenkin Aleksandr Romanovich
  • Frolenkov Dmitry Andreevich
  • Frolkina Olga Dmitrievna
  • Frolova A A
  • Frolova Elizaveta Dmitrievna
  • Frolova Irina Aleksandrovna
  • Frolova Lidiya Viktorovna
  • Fufaev Denis Vladimirovich
  • Fufaev Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Furasov Vladislav Dmitrievich
  • Furletov Dmitrii Gennadievich
  • Furletov G I
  • Furman M E
  • Fursenko I V
  • Fursikov Andrei Vladimirovich
  • Fursov Andrei Serafimovich
  • Fursova Polina Viktorovna
  • Furta S D
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, RussiaOne of the oldest Russian institutions of higher education, Moscow University was established in 1755. In 1940 it was named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov (1711–1765), an outstanding Russian scientist, who greatly contributed to the establishment of the university in Moscow.

    In 1755, on 25 January, St. Tatiana's Day according to the Russian Orthodox Church calendar, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed the decree that a university should be founded in Moscow. The opening ceremony took place on 26 April, when Elizaveta Petrovna's coronation day was celebrated. Since 1755 25 January and 26 April are marked by special events and festivities at Moscow University; the annual conference where students present the results of their research work is traditionally held in April.

    Moscow State University is a major traditional educational institution in Russia, it offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. Its undergraduates may choose one of 57  qualifications, while doctoral students may specialize in 168  different areas. The total number of MSU students exceeds 40,000; besides, about 10,000 high school students attend various clubs and courses at MSU.

    MSU is a centre of research science famous for its major scientific schools. There have been 11 Nobel Prize winners among its professors and alumni, out of 18 Russians who have received the prestigious prize so far. Many more MSU scientists have been awarded various Soviet and Russian prizes for their achievements, among them 60 Lenin Prizes and 120 State Prizes, over 40 MSU scientists having received the State Prizes over the last decade, 6 of them this year.

    Among those who teach at MSU there are 2,500 higher doctoral degree holders and almost 6,000 holders of doctoral degrees, almost 1,000 full professors and 2,000 associate professors. The total number of full members and correspondent members of The Russian Academy of Sciences is about 300. About 5,000 scientists and scholars are currently involved in 310 research projects in various fields.

    Moscow State University comprises 29 faculties and over 350 departments, 15 research institutes, 4 museums, the Science Park, the Botanical Gardens, The Library, the University Publishing House and printing shop, a recreational centre and a boarding school for talented children. 9 faculties have been recently established, along with 47 new departments and 22 research laboratories. Research has recently started in 30 new interdisciplinary areas. At the moment the University Computer Centre represents more computing power that any other educational institution in Russia. There have been major changes in the curricula, with over 200 new academic programmes added.


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