Rostov State University, Russia
Address: Russia, 344711, Rostov-on-Don, B. Sadovaya st., 105
Phone: +7 (8632) 65 31 58, +7 (8632) 64 84 66
Fax: +7 (8632) 64 52 55
Number of persons: 811
Number of authors: 710
Number of publications: 1178

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  • Dal'nikovskaya, V V
  • Danilova, Natalya Viktorovna
  • Dantsiger, A Ya
  • Datsyuk, O V
  • Datsyuk, V N
  • Demssenko, P V
  • Denin, Konstantin Ilyich
  • Denisov, Mikhail Yur'evich
  • Dergunova, N V
  • Deundyak, Vladimir Mikhailovich
  • Dmitriev, V P
  • Đo, Ngoc Thanh
  • Dolgikh, T F
  • Dombrovskii, Yurii Anatol'evich
  • Dorokhova, N V
  • Dragilev, Mikhail Mikhailovich
  • Dragilev, V M
  • Dubov, Aleksei Yurievich
  • Dubrov, Denis Vladimirovich
  • Dudarev, Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Dudukevich, V P
  • Dugin, V È
  • Dulenko, Vladimir Ivanovich
  • Dul'kin, E A
  • Durnev, Yu I
  • Dyachenko, Aleksandr Viktorovich
  • Dybin, Vladimir Borisovich
  • Dybova, Evgeniya Yur'evna
  • Rostov State University, RussiaRostov State University, founded in 1915 is an internationally-recognized and fully accredited academic institution. The University has 14 faculties, 9 research institutes, a Botanic garden, a large academic library, research centers at the Black seashore and in the Caucasus.

    The University offers different degree, diploma, certificate and professional development programs.

    Rostov State University rightfully occupies a leading position among the scientific and educational institutions of the country. It's a vast complex comprising 10 scientific-research institutes (Physics, Physical and Organic Chemistry, Neurocybernetics, Biology, Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, Geochemistry of the Biosphere, Carbo-hedrated Raw Materials, Geoecology and Forecasting of Extreme Situations, Academic-Scientific Research Institute of Valeology, North-Caucasian Scientific Research Institute of Economic and Social Problems, Technological Design Bureau "Piezopribor", the Institute for Retraining Teachers of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Southern Russia Regional Informational Center for Establishments of Higher Education) , 16 departments, a Botanic garden, an extensive scientific library, special scientific training bases at the foothills of the Caucasus and on the Black seashore. All this ensures high standards of training.

    The University scholars carry out research in different fields. The University has good contacts with educational centers in Europe, America ,S.-E. Asia and Africa as well.

    The language of instruction is Russian. If necessary, the University may offer students in Humanities an annual pre-entry course in Russian and other educational disciplines related to their future speciality


    Other institution names:
    • Research Institute of Physics, Rostov-on-Don State University
    • Southern Federal University
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