Университет Торонто, Канада
Адрес: Канада, M5S 1A1, Торонто, Онтарио, College Str., 144
Телефон: +1 (416) 978 20 11, +1 (416) 416 978 41 63
Факс: +1 (416) 971 13 60
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Авторов: 70
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  • Valov A
  • Vaughan Jennifer

  • Университет Торонто, КанадаOn March 15, 1827, King's College, the precursor to U of T, was granted its royal charter by King George IV. U of T is proud of what it has achieved in the years since its establishment and of the accomplishments of those who have worked and studied here.

    As the nation's top research university, U of T aims to push the frontiers of knowledge on all fronts. Many of the nation's top experts on global competitiveness mdash; the ability of Canadian companies to compete internationally — can be found at the university. Scholars at U of T also generate groundbreaking ideas on such social issues as terrorism, mass media and child abuse. Advances in health are revolutionizing our understanding of medical puzzles such as the make-up of human cells and Alzheimer's disease. Science and technology research is an area of strength at the university, generating discoveries in the fields of nanotechnology and tissue engineering. Scholars of arts and culture are using interdisciplinary approaches to challenge traditional views of literature, art and social history.

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    • University of Toronto
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