Image Processing Systems Institute of the RAS - Branch of the FSRC "Crystallography and Photonics" RAS, Samara, Russia, Samara, Russia
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  • Gaidel, Andrey Viktorovich
  • Ganchevskaya, Sofiya Vladislavovna
  • Gashnikov, M V
  • Glumov, N I
  • Golovashkin, Dimitrii L'vovich
  • Golovastikov, Nikita Vladimirovich
  • Golub, M A
  • Goshin, Egor Vyacheslavovich
  • Image Processing Systems Institute of the RAS - Branch of the FSRC "Crystallography and Photonics" RAS, Samara, Russia, Samara, RussiaThe Image Processing Systems Institute was originated in the interior of Samara State Aerospace University (former Aviation Institute) in the middle of 70s.

    The IPSI consists of two departments including four laboratories and an experimental design bureau. Activities of the IPSI RAS is mainly focused on solving fundamental and applied problems of Computer Optics, image processing, and image recognition. The IPSI RAS takes an active part in a number of state scientific & technical programs and international projects, and works by contracts with Russian and foreign companies. The IPSI RAS has broad scientific relations with leading universities and research Institutions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the USA, Germany, Italy, and other countries.


    Fundamental problems of computer-aided synthesis of diffractive optical elements with wide functional capabilities, mathematical modelling of processes of controlling space-time parameters of wavefields.

    Mathematical methods, information technologies, and automated systems for signal processing, image analysis, and pattern recognition.

    The Institute is open to any forms of cooperation in the areas of:

    1. diffractive Optics;
    2. mathematical methods for image processing and pattern recognition;
    3. development and fabrication of breadboard models of optical devices using diffractive and conventional optics;
    4. information systems and software for digital image processing and identification.

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