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Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moscow, RussiaIn 1968 (November 29) the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences resolved be organized on the basis of the Laboratory of the Commission for Spectroscopy. The Institute is an institution of the USSR Academy of Sciences Department of General Physics and Astronomy.

Main scientific trends of the research work of the Institute were defined by that decision but their content changed in time, and nowadays they may be formulated in the following way:

1. Spectroscopy of atoms, ions, molecules, clusters, bulk and surface states of condensed media and development of new methods of spectroscopy optics of near field, nanooptics .

2. Laser spectroscopy with accent on specific influence of the light on a substance and its application for isotope separation, cooling of atoms, modification of molecules surrounding in matrices, and also in photochemistry, photobiology, analytical chemistry, etc.

3. Analytical spectroscopy and its application in technology control, in environmental monitoring, in life-support systems, in studies of natural and technologic disasters, etc.

4. Development and design of unique spectral instrumentation, analytical devices, lasers, registration systems, methods of measurements necessary for research work and applications.

5. Training of researchers of highest qualification.

The qualification and abilities of the Institute are generally recognized both in Russia and abroad. The founder of the Institute and its director during the first 20 years, the USSR Acad. Sci. Corresponding Member Professor Sergey L. Mandelstam did a great deal for choosing trends of research work and gathering the scientific stuff representing various scientific traditions and schools. It was he who laid the principles covering all the main trends in spectroscopy, interaction of theoretical and experimental research works both in fundamental and in applied researches, close relations with universities and industry in the USSR and with advanced world research centers as well.

The important scientific trend of the Institute from the very moment of its foundation is provision with methods and apparatus for fundamental researches based on the use of new methods of investigation for designing the spectral instruments, and also the use of lasers, computers and other means for substantial increase in sensitivity, spectral, temporal and spatial resolution, precision and high speed of spectroscopic and analytical measurements. Many methods and devices were based on inventions and were designed in the Institute, and they are very promising as for their applications in national economy, defense, medicine and ecology.

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  • Institute of Spectroscopy of the USSR Academy of Sciences
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