University of California, Institute for Nonlinear Science, United States of America
Address: United States of America, 92093-0402, San Diego, CA, Gilman Drive, 9500 CMRR Building
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Personnel: Rabinovich, Mikhail Izrailevich

University of California, Institute for Nonlinear Science, United States of AmericaThe Institute for Nonlinear Science (INLS) is an Organized Research Unit at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). This is an academic research unit of the University of California dedicated to interdisciplinary research and training of graduate students. Students at UCSD are admitted to disciplinary programs in academic departments, but may pursue their dissertation research within the laboratories of INLS. (UCSD).

The research interests at the institute comprise various investigations into and applications of nonlinear dynamics. The topics of investigation vary over time. At the present the main subjects include the nonlinear dynamics of neural systems, systems biodynamics, gene regulatory networks, and granular physics. In each area of research at INLS both the experimental and numerical/theoretical approaches are central themes. For more details on the research efforts, please see our research page.

The institute is located in the Center for Magnetic Recording (CMRR) building on the UCSD campus in La Jolla close to the Geisel Library and the Price Center. Refer to the contact page for directions and the full address. From the UCSD maps webpage one can retrieve a map of the campus to locate INLS.

Research is conducted by a variety of faculty, researchers, postdocs, PhD students and undergraduates both affiliated and visiting staff. For a list of people currently active at INLS please refer to the people page.


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