Vladimir State University, Russia
Address: Russia, 600000, Vladimir, Gor'kogo st., 87
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  • Charukhchan, M V
  • Chernov, Vladimir Georgievich
  • Chestnov, Igor' Yur'evich
  • Chkalov, Ruslan Vladimirovich
  • Chunaev, Petr Vladimirovich
  • Vladimir State University, RussiaVladimir State University is located in the ancient Russian city of Vladimir, which is 180 km from Moscow. The city of Vladimir played an important role in the history of Russia and was one of its first capitals. Nowadays Vladimir, being a part of the famous Golden Ring of Russia, represents a big administrative, industrial, cultural and tourist center. Founded in 1958, Vladimir State University has become a large scientific-educational institution in the center of Russia. It has highly qualified staff, considerable scientific and methodological potential, advanced laboratory and informational structure, all necessary conditions to organize teaching and educational process and scientific research. The University is equipped with modern electronic library, which opens access to electronic resources of other libraries of the world.

    Approximately 800 scientists and professionals are working in the University, 87% of which are awarded scientific degrees (Ph.D. and D.Sc.), including 49 Academicians and Corresponding Members of Russian Academy of Science.

    Since 1978 the University has been training specialists for foreign countries. The University graduates work in 46 countries. More than 20,000 students, including 300 foreign citizens, are studying at the University.

    The University offers a wide range of academic programs leading to bachelor's, master's, professional and doctoral (Ph.D. and D.Sc.) degrees.


    Other institution names:
    • Vladimir Polytechnical Institute
    • Vladimir State Technical University
    • Vladimir Technical University
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