Chistyakov, Alexander Evgenjevich

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Chistyakov, Alexander Evgenjevich
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2015)
Speciality: 05.13.18 (Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and the program systems)
Birth date: 2.07.1983
Keywords: mathematical modeling, hydrodynamics, diffusion-convection equation.
UDC: 519.6, 532.5


Mathematical modeling of continuum mechanics problems.

Main publications:
  1. Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., Protsenko E.A., Protsenko S.V., Modelirovanie slozhnykh sistem, Chast 1, Donskoi gosudarstvennyi tekhnicheskii universitet, Rostov-na-Donu, 2019  elib
  2. Sukhinov A.I., Semenyakina A.A., Chistyakov A.E., Nikitina A.V., Matematicheskoe modelirovanie transporta zagryaznyayuschikh veschestv v pribrezhnykh sistemakh, Donskoi gosudarstvennyi tekhnicheskii universitet, Rostov-na-Donu, 2018  elib
  3. Chistyakov A.E., Nelineinye matematicheskie modeli i metody resheniya zadach mekhaniki sploshnykh sred, Yuzhnyi federalnyi universitet, Taganrog, 2015  elib
  4. Khachunts D.S., Chistyakov A.E., Modelirovanie protsessov perenosa zagryaznyayuschikh veschestv v prizemnom sloe atmosfery pribrezhnoi zony, Yuzhnyi federalnyi universitet, Taganrog, 2015  elib
  5. Sukhinov A.I., Chistyakov A.E., Protsenko E.A., Reshenie zadach vychislitelnoi matematiki na EVM, Donskoi gosudarstvennyi tekhnicheskii universitet, Rostov-na Donu, 2019  elib
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. A. I. Sukhinov, Y. V. Belova, A. E. Chistyakov, “Mathematical modeling of biogeochemical cycles in coastal systems of the South of Russia”, Matem. Mod., 33:3 (2021),  20–38  mathnet
2. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, A. M. Atayan, “Linear combination of the Upwind and Standard Leapfrog difference schemes with weight coefficients, obtained by minimizing the approximation error”, Chebyshevskii Sb., 21:4 (2020),  243–256  mathnet
3. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, V. V. Sidoryakina, S. V. Protsenko, “Set of coupled suspended matter transport models including three-dimensional hydrodynamic processes in the coastal zone”, Matem. Mod., 32:2 (2020),  3–23  mathnet
4. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, V. N. Litvinov, A. V. Nikitina, Yu. V. Belova, A. A. Filina, “Computational aspects of mathematical modeling of the shallow water hydrobiological processes”, Num. Meth. Prog., 21:4 (2020),  452–469  mathnet  elib
5. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, V. V. Sidoryakina, S. V. Protsenko, “Parallel algorithms for solving the problem of coastal bottom relief dynamics”, Num. Meth. Prog., 21:3 (2020),  196–206  mathnet
6. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, “Difference scheme for solving problems of hydrodynamics for large grid Peclet numbers”, Computer Research and Modeling, 11:5 (2019),  833–848  mathnet
7. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, V. V. Sidoryakina, S. V. Protsenko, “Accounting method of filling cells for the hydrodynamics problems solution with complex geometry of the computational domain”, Matem. Mod., 31:8 (2019),  79–100  mathnet  elib
8. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, “CABARET difference scheme with improved dispersion properties”, Matem. Mod., 31:3 (2019),  83–96  mathnet  elib
9. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, V. V. Sidoryakina, S. V. Protsenko, “A difference scheme with the optimal weight for the diffusion-convection equation”, Num. Meth. Prog., 20:3 (2019),  283–292  mathnet  elib
10. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, E. A. Protsenko, “Upwind and Standard Leapfrog Difference Schemes”, Num. Meth. Prog., 20:2 (2019),  170–181  mathnet  elib
11. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, A. A. Filina, A. V. Nikitina, V. N. Litvinov, “Supercomputer simulation of oil spills in the Azov Sea”, Vestnik YuUrGU. Ser. Mat. Model. Progr., 12:3 (2019),  115–129  mathnet  elib
12. S. V. Protsenko, A. M. Atayan, A. E. Chistyakov, A. V. Nikitina, V. N. Litvinov, A. A. Filina, “Experimental research of power loads on the supports of the surface structure based on the mathematical model of wave processes”, Vestn. YuUrGU. Ser. Vych. Matem. Inform., 8:3 (2019),  27–42  mathnet  elib
13. A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, A. V. Shishenya, E. F. Timofeeva, “Predictive modelling of coastal hydrophysical processes in a multiprocession system based on explicit schemes”, Matem. Mod., 30:3 (2018),  83–100  mathnet  elib; Math. Models Comput. Simul., 10:5 (2018), 648–658  scopus
14. A. I. Sukhinov, A. V. Nikitina, A. E. Chistyakov, A. A. Semenyakina, “Practical aspects of implementation of the parallel algorithm for solving problem of ctenophore population interaction in the Azov Sea”, Vestn. YuUrGU. Ser. Vych. Matem. Inform., 7:3 (2018),  31–54  mathnet  elib
15. V. A. Gushchin, A. V. Nikitina, A. A. Semenyakina, A. I. Sukhinov, A. E. Chistyakov, “A model of transport and transformation of biogenic elements in the coastal system and its numerical implementation”, Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 58:8 (2018),  120–137  mathnet  elib; Comput. Math. Math. Phys., 58:8 (2018), 1316–1333  isi  scopus
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