Smirnov, Evgenii Pavlovich

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Smirnov, Evgenii Pavlovich
Speciality: 01.04.14 (Heating physics and theoretical heating engineering)
Birth date: 25.12.1955
Keywords: processes of heat and mass transfer, plasma and beam and electronic technologies, gas- and hydrodynamics of technical and natural systems.
UDC: 537.521


Experimental study of fullerene formation. Plasma Physics. Plasma generators, plasma technologies. Hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer in two-phase flows. The physics of the formation of ice.


Over 20 years in the computer simulation of physical systems.

Main publications:
  1. EP. Smirnov, PA Konovalov, “Ice films and coatings on metal surfaces: presentation of existing and unresolved problems.”, Films and Coatings - 2015: Proc. 12th Intern. Conf. May 19 - May 22, 2015 / ed. Dr. tehn. Sciences VG Kuznetsova., 400 p. (12 International conference of a "Films and Coatings in 2015"), Publishing House of the Polytechnic. Univ., St.-Petersburg, Russia, 2015, P. 237 - 239
  2. Glazkov VV, Sinkevich OA, Smirnov EP., “Multiphase transport of mass and energy in the atmosphere and the mechanism of formation of tornado.”, Proceedings of the First Russian National conference on heat transfer (21 - 25 November 1994 Moscow.), Evaporation, condensation, 5, Publisher MEI, Moscow, 1994, 40 - 45
  3. Smirnov EP, Sinkevich OA., “Numerical simulation of temperature field in the tundish caster metallurgical industry in the conditions of the plasma heating of steel.”, Proceedings of the 1st Conference on innovation SEC EDA High Temperatures RAS, 219p. (Moscow, 11 - 12 April 2005), Joint Institute of High Temperatures RAS., Moscow, 2005, 185 - 189
  4. OA. Sinkevich, EP. Smirnov., “The use of arc plasma torches for the liquid steel temperature in tundish CCM.”, Steel, 10 (2008), 64 - 68
  5. EP. Smirnov, “Numerical investigation of fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in two-phase flow atmospheric cloud forming a tornado and a tornado model”, Teplofizika vysokikh temperatur, 54:2 (2016), 298 - 305
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. E. P. Smirnov, “A numerical study of hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer of a two-phase flow in an atmospheric tornado-forming cloud and a tornado model”, TVT, 54:2 (2016),  298–305  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 54:2 (2016), 281–288  isi  scopus

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