Ilyin, Aleksandr Vladimirovich

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Ilyin, Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Candidate of technical sciences (2001)
Speciality: 05.13.11 (Mathematical and programme software for computers, computer systems, and networks)
Birth date: 15.09.1975
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Keywords: resource planning, resource planning services, symbol modeling, s-modeling.
UDC: 004.02, 004.4, 004.5, 004.8
MSC: 68N19, 68T30, 68T35


The online resource planning services which are presented at Methods for resource planning. Symbol modeling of arbitrary objects in human-machine environment (s-modeling). S-modeling systems of economic activities management.

Main publications:
  1. Ilin Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Ekspertnoe planirovanie resursov, Institut problem informatiki RAN, M., 2013
  2. Ilin Aleksandr Vladimirovich, “Konstruirovanie razreshayuschikh struktur na zadachnykh grafakh sistemy znanii o programmiruemykh zadachakh”, Informatsionnye tekhnologii i vychislitelnye sistemy, 2007, № 3, 30–36
  3. Ilin Aleksandr Vladimirovich, “Matematicheskoe obespechenie protsessov preobrazovaniya resursov”, Sistemy i sredstva informatiki, 1999, № 9, 159–177
  4. Ilyin Alexander Vladimirovich, Ilyin Vladimir Dmitrievich, “The Technology of Interactive Resource Allocation in Accordance with the Customizable System of Rules”, Applied Mathematical Sciences, 7:143 (2013), 7105–7111
  5. Ilyin Alexander Vladimirovich, Ilyin Vladimir Dmitrievich, “The Interval Method of Cost Planning and Its Implementation in the Online Service”, Contemporary Engineering Sciences, 7:20 (2014), 931–938
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. A. V. Ilyin, V. D. Ilyin, “Situational digitalization of commodity-money circulation”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 31:2 (2021),  163–172  mathnet
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