Porfirev, Alexey Petrovich

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Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (2013)


Graduated (2010) from Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU), majoring in Applied Physics and Mathematics. Candidate in Physics and Mathematics (2013). Currently he is an assistant professor in Technical Cybernetics department of SSAU and a researcher in Micro- and Nanotechnologies laboratory of the Image Processing Systems Institute of the RAS (IPSI RAS). His current research interests include diffractive optics and optical manipulation.
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1. V. V. Kotlyar, A. A. Kovalev, A. P. Porfirev, “Topological stability of optical vortices diffracted by a random phase screen”, Computer Optics, 43:6 (2019),  917–925  mathnet
2. V. V. Kotlyar, A. A. Kovalev, A. P. Porfirev, “Measurement of the orbital angular momentum of an astigmatic Hermite–Gaussian beam”, Computer Optics, 43:3 (2019),  356–367  mathnet
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10. S. N. Khonina, A. P. Porfirev, S.A.Fomchenkov, A. S. Larkin, A. B. Savelyev-Trofimov, “Generation of closely located light spots using specular Airy laser beams”, Computer Optics, 41:5 (2017),  661–669  mathnet
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12. V. V. Kotlyar, A. A. Kovalev, A. P. Porfirev, E. G. Abramochkin, “Fractional orbital angular momentum of a Gaussian beam with an embedded off-axis optical vortex”, Computer Optics, 41:1 (2017),  22–29  mathnet
13. V. V. Kotlyar, A. A. Kovalev, A. P. Porfirev, “Determination of an optical vortex topological charge using an astigmatic transform”, Computer Optics, 40:6 (2016),  781–792  mathnet
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24. V. V. Kotlyar, A. A. Kovalev, A. P. Porfirev, “Hermite–Haussian laser beams with orbital angular momentum”, Computer Optics, 38:4 (2014),  651–657  mathnet
25. A. P. Porfirev, R. V. Skidanov, “A simple method of the formation nondiffracting hollow optical beams with intensity distribution in form of a regular polygon contour”, Computer Optics, 38:2 (2014),  243–248  mathnet

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