Vodopyanov, Sergei Konstantinovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1993)
Birth date: 9.12.1946
Keywords: Lebesgue spaces of differential forms, distortion of mappings, quasiconformal mapping, cogomology of Riemannian manifolds.
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. S. K. Vodopyanov, “Admissible changes of variables for Sobolev functions on (sub-)Riemannian manifolds”, Mat. Sb., 210:1 (2019),  63–112  mathnet  elib; Sb. Math., 210:1 (2019), 59–104  isi  scopus
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11. S. G. Basalaev, S. K. Vodopyanov, “Approximate differentiability of mappings of Carnot–Carathéodory spaces”, Eurasian Math. J., 4:2 (2013),  10–48  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Properties of a new class of spatial mappings and its applications
S. K. Vodop'yanov
International Conference "Geometric Analysis and Control Theory"
December 11, 2016 17:20   
2. Sobolev Spaces, geometric function theory and its application
S. K. Vodop'yanov
International conference on Function Spaces and Approximation Theory dedicated to the 110th anniversary of S. M. Nikol'skii
May 25, 2015 12:50   

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