Khovanskii, Askold Georgievich

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Khovanskii, Askold Georgievich
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1988)
Birth date: 3.06.1947
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Keywords: newton polyhedra, toric geometry, fewnomials, real analitik sets, topological version of Galois theory.


The topological version of Galois theory answers the question about the insolvability of differential equations in quadratures by looking at the Riemann surfaces of the solutions. The topological version of Galois theory provides with the strongest results about the insolvability of differential equations in finite terms. The theory of fewnomials describes a wide class of real transcendental arieties, that are very similar to algebraic varieties. The theory of fewnomials is widely used in different areas of mathematics such as real algebraic geometry, logic, the theory of abelian integrals, the theory of elementary functions, and the qualitative theory of differential equations. The theory of Newton polyhedra relates the geometry of convex polyhedra and algebraic geometry. I discovered a connection between the theory of Newton polyhdera and the geometry of toric varieties. This connection is nowadays fundamental in the theory of Newton polyhedra. Using the geometry of polyhedra I was able to calculate many invariants of algebraic varieties. On the other hand, methods of algebraic geometry allowed me to obtain a series of new results in the geometry of polyhedra.


Graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in 1970 (department of theory of functions and functional analysis). Ph.D. thesis was defended in 1973. D.Sci. thesis was defended in 1988. A list of my works contains about 100 titles.

Main publications:
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14. Обобщение многогранников Ньютона, полугруппы целых точек, градуированные алгебры, теория пересечений и смешанные объемы
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Seminar of the Department of Geometry and Topology "Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics", Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
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A. G. Khovanskii
Seminar on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
April 3, 2007 11:30
17. Интегрирование элементарных функций
A. G. Khovanskii
Meetings of the Moscow Mathematical Society
April 3, 2007
18. Многомерные первообразные и многомерные символы
A. G. Khovanskii
Meetings of the Moscow Mathematical Society
December 7, 2004
19. Вариации на тему теоремы Штурма. Лекция вторая
A. G. Khovanskii
Summer School "Contemporary Mathematics", 2003
July 22, 2003 11:15   
20. Вариации на тему теоремы Штурма. Лекция первая
A. G. Khovanskii
Summer School "Contemporary Mathematics", 2003
July 21, 2003 15:30   
21. Number of zeros of solutions of differential equations
A. G. Khovanskii
Summer School "Contemporary Mathematics", 2001
July 21, 2001   

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