Galkin, Valery Alekseevich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1994)
Speciality: 05.13.18 (Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and the program systems)
Birth date: 14.03.1952
Keywords: conservation laws, equations of physical kinetics, gas dynamics, generalized solutions, functional solutions, weak topologies, convergence, approximate methods.


Background of correctness for the problems of mathematical physics for conservation laws systems; researches on global correctness for the problems possessing nonlinearity and discontinuous operators in the sets of generalized, measure-valued, functional solutions; background of convergence for approximate methods in weak (Tikhonov) topologies; physical kinetics equations; Boltzmann equations of kinetical gas theory and Smoluchowski equations of coagulation processes; the problems of heat and mass transfer in models with phase transition.


In 1975 educated with exellent Diploma in Moscow Physical Engineering Institute with qualification "Applied Mathematics". Ph.D. Thesis "Mathematical Theory of Coagulation Equation" defended in Moscow state University in 1978 (supervisor Prof., Ph.D. V. A. Tupchiev). Beginning 1979 — Associate Professor of Dept. of Applied Mathematics in Obninsk Branch of Moscow Physical Engineering Institute. Doctorate Sci. Thesis "Functional Solutions of Conservation Laws" defended in Institute for Mathematical Modeling RAS in 1994. Beginning 1995 — full Professor of Dept. of Appled Mathematics in Obninsk Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering. Beginning 1999 — Head of Dept of Applied Mathematics.

In 1993 awarded Diploma of Russian Federation Committee on Education "for supervision of student's graduated Thesis which awarded medal in All-Russian Competition of studet's thesis in natural sciences". In 1998 awarded V. N. Glazanov prize "for general topics of functional solutions theory for conservation laws".

Main publications:
  • V. A. Galkin. Global correctness of Cauchy problem for nonlinear conservation laws and one example for the gas dynamics // International Series of Numerical Mathematics, 1999, v. 129, p. 361–368, Birkhauser, Verlag Basel/Switzerland.
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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