Chebotarev, Alexander Mikhailovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1993)
Speciality: 01.01.03 (Mathematical physics)
Birth date: 14.12.1947
Keywords: Irrevercible quantum evolution, regularity conditions, squeezed states, solvable problems.
UDC: 517, 517.248.21, 517.432, 517.5, 517.9, 517.948, 517.95, 517.98, 519.2, 519.6, 519.634, 518
MSC: 81S, 81V, 82S25


Probabilistic Methods in Quantum Mechanics.

Main publications:
  1. A. M. Chebotarev, “What is a quantum stochastic equation from the point of view of functional analysis?”, Math. Notes, 71:3–4 (2002), 408–427  crossref  mathscinet
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  3. A. M. Chebotarev, F. Fagnola, “Sufficient conditions for conservativity of minimal quantum dynamical semigroups”, J. Funct. Anal., 153:2 (1998), 382–404  crossref  mathscinet
  4. A. M. Chebotarev, “On stable Pareto laws in a hierarchical model of economy”, Physica A, 373 (2007), 541–559  crossref
  5. A. M. Chebotarev, T. V. Tlyachev, “Normal Forms, Inner Products, and Maslov Indices of General Multimode Squeezing”, Mathematical Notes, 395:5 (2014), 721–737  crossref  mathscinet
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1. T. V. Tlyachev, A. M. Chebotarev, A. S. Chirkin, “Canonical transformations and multipartite coupled parametric processes”, PHYSICA SCRIPTA T, 160 (2014), 014041  crossref  isi (cited: 6)  scopus (cited: 5)
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. On the normal form of multimode squeezings
A. M. Chebotarev, T. V. Tlyachev, A. E. Teretenkov, V. V. Belokurov
International conference "QP 34 – Quantum Probability and Related Topics"
September 17, 2013 12:00   
2. Свойства многомерных сжатых состояний и их применения
A. M. Chebotarev
Seminar on Quantum Probability, Statistics, Information
April 19, 2010 15:30
3. Об оценке энтропии в конструкции Хастингса
A. M. Chebotarev
Seminar on Quantum Probability, Statistics, Information
April 27, 2009 14:00

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