Tsarev, Sergey Petrovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1993)
Speciality: 01.01.04 (Geometry and topology)
Birth date: 26.12.1959
Fax: +7 (3912) 22 28 92
Keywords: geometriy, differential equations, computer algebra.
UDC: 519.6, 517.927.71, 517.912, 517.936, 517.95, 517.91, 514.763.85, 517.955
MSC: 08A70, 65L80, 70H06, 37K10


Geometric methods of integration of differential equations, computer algebra.

Main publications:
  1. S. P. Tsarev, “Generalized Laplace transformations and integration of hyperbolic systems of linear partial differential equations”, Proceedings of 2005 International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (Beijing, July 2005), ACM Press, NY, 2005, 325–331  mathscinet
  2. S. P. Tsarev, “The geometry of hamiltonian systems of hydrodynamic type. The generalized hodograph method”, Mathematics of the USSR-Izvestiya, 37:2 (1990), 397–419  crossref  mathscinet  zmath
  3. S. P. Tsarev, “Factoring linear partial differential operators and the Darboux method for integrating nonlinear partial differential equations”, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 122:1 (2000), 121–133  crossref  mathscinet  zmath
  4. E. V. Ferapontov , K. R. Khusnutdinova, S. P. Tsarev, “On a Class of Three-Dimensional Integrable Lagrangians”, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 261:1 (2006), 225–243  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  adsnasa
  5. I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev, “Two-dimensional Schrodinger operators with fast decaying potential and multidimensional $L_2$-kernel”, Russian Mathematical Surveys, 62:3 (2008) (to appear)
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Sergey P. Tsarev, Valery V. Denisenko, Marat M. Valikhanov, “Multidimensional free interpolation framework for high-precision modeling of slant total electron contents in mid-latitude and equatorial regions”, J. Sib. Fed. Univ. Math. Phys., 11:6 (2018),  781–791  mathnet  isi
2. S. P. Tsarev, V. A. Stepanenko, “On weakly commutative triples of partial differential operators”, Sib. Èlektron. Mat. Izv., 14 (2017),  1050–1063  mathnet
3. R. G. Novikov, I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev, “Two-Dimensional von Neumann–Wigner Potentials with a Multiple Positive Eigenvalue”, Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 48:4 (2014),  74–77  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath  elib; Funct. Anal. Appl., 48:4 (2014), 295–297  isi  scopus
4. I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev, “Faddeev eigenfunctions for two-dimensional Schrödinger operators via the Moutard transformation”, TMF, 176:3 (2013),  408–416  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath  elib; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 176:3 (2013), 1176–1183  isi  elib  scopus
5. I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev, “On the Moutard transformation and its applications to spectral theory and soliton equations”, CMFD, 35 (2010),  101–117  mathnet  mathscinet; Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 170:3 (2010), 371–387  scopus
6. S. P. Tsarev, E. S. Shemyakova, “Differential Transformations of Parabolic Second-Order Operators in the Plane”, Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 266 (2009),  227–236  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath  elib; Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 266 (2009), 219–227  isi  elib  scopus
7. I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev, “Two-dimensional rational solitons and their blowup via the Moutard transformation”, TMF, 157:2 (2008),  188–207  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath  elib; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 157:2 (2008), 1525–1541  isi  elib  scopus
8. I. A. Taimanov, S. P. Tsarev, “Two-dimensional Schrödinger operators with fast decaying potential and multidimensional $L_2$-kernel”, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 62:3(375) (2007),  217–218  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath  elib; Russian Math. Surveys, 62:3 (2007), 631–633  isi  elib  scopus
9. M. V. Pavlov, S. P. Tsarev, “Tri-Hamiltonian Structures of Egorov Systems of Hydrodynamic Type”, Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 37:1 (2003),  38–54  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath; Funct. Anal. Appl., 37:1 (2003), 32–45  isi  scopus
10. S. P. Tsarev, “Factoring linear partial differential operators and the Darboux method for integrating nonlinear partial differential equations”, TMF, 122:1 (2000),  144–160  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 122:1 (2000), 121–133  isi
11. S. P. Tsarev, “On Darboux-Integrable Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations”, Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 225 (1999),  389–399  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath; Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 225 (1999), 372–381
12. E. I. Ganzha, S. P. Tsarev, “An algebraic formula for superposition and the completeness of the Bäcklund transformations of $(2+1)$-dimensional integrable systems”, Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 51:6(312) (1996),  197–198  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath; Russian Math. Surveys, 51:6 (1996), 1200–1202  isi  scopus
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16. S. P. Tsarev, “The Hamilton property of stationary and inverse equations of condensed matter mechanics and mathematical physics”, Mat. Zametki, 46:1 (1989),  105–111  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath; Math. Notes, 46:1 (1989), 569–573  isi
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19. S. P. Tsarev, “Which 2-forms are locally, curvature forms?”, Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 16:3 (1982),  90–91  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath; Funct. Anal. Appl., 16:3 (1982), 235–237  isi

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Концепция свободной интерполяции для больших данных: как простой формулой увеличить точность ответа в сто раз
S. P. Tsarev
December readings in Tomsk
December 13, 2018 10:40   
2. Коммутирующие элементы в теле Оре отношений линейных обыкновенных дифференциальных операторов
S. P. Tsarev

December 21, 2017 12:10   
3. Faddeev eigenfunctions for two-dimensional Schrodinger operators via the Moutard transformation
S. P. Tsarev, I. A. Taimanov
International Workshop «Geometric Structures in Integrable Systems»
November 1, 2012 10:00
4. Factorization in categories of systems of linear partial differential equations
S. P. Tsarev
International conference "Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics"
December 14, 2011 11:50   
5. Обобщенные проебразования Лапласа и интегрирование линейных гиперболических уравнений в частных производных
S. P. Tsarev
Seminar of the Department of Geometry and Topology "Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics", Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
March 23, 2005

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