Aisagaliev, Serikbai Abdigalievich

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Doctor of technical sciences (1979)
Speciality: 01.01.09 (Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics)
Birth date: 8.11.1941
Keywords: optimal control; controllability; boundary-value problems of optimal control; immersion principle; automatic control system; dynamic systems whith cylindrical phase space.


Have been elaborated constructive methods for solution of the optimal control task with fixed and unfixed trajectory ends for processes described with ordinary differential and integro-differential equations provided phase and integral restrictions and control value restrictions. Have been elaborated a constructive theory of classical boundary-value problems that comprises two-point boundary-value problem, the theory of periodic solutions and the own values task. Has been elaborated the general absolute stability theory for regulated systems. Has been elaborated the global asymptotic stability theory for dynamic systems with cylindrical phase space. Has been formulated and solved the controllability problem for processes described with ordinary differential and integro-differential equations with respect to phase and integral restrictions on the system dynamics and restrictions on the control values.


In 1966 graduated from machinery construction faculty of Chelyabinsk polytechnic institute (the automatic management system chair), in 1971 graduated from mechanics & mathematics faculty of Uralsky State University (applied mathematics chair). Ph.D. thesis was defended in 1970. D.Sc. thesis was defended in 1978. Have more than 190 publications. Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (from 1992). Academic of the International informatization academy (from 1995). Academic of the Higher school academy of science — 1996.

Main publications:
  • Aisagaliev S. A. Upravlyaemost nekotoroi sistemy differentsialnykh uravnenii // Differentsialnye uravneniya, 1991, t. 27, # 9, s. 1476–1486.
  • Aisagaliev S. A., Aisagalieva S. S. Konstruktivnyi metod resheniya zadachi upravlyaemosti dlya obyknovennykh differentsialnykh uravnenii // Differentsialnye uravneniya, 1993, t. 29, # 4, s. 555–567.
  • Aisagaliev S. A. K teorii absolyutnoi ustoichivosti reguliruemykh sistem // Differentsialnye uravneniya, 1994, t. 30, # 5, s. 748–757.
  • Aisagaliev S. A. Optimalnoe upravlenie lineinymi sistemami s zakreplennymi kontsami traektorii i ogranichennym upravleniem // Differentsialnye uravneniya, 1994, t. 30, # 5, s. 748–757.
  • Aisagaliev S. A., Aipanov Sh. A. K teorii globalnoi asimptoticheskoi ustoichivosti fazovykh sistem // Differentsialnye uravneniya, 1999, t. 35, # 8, s. 1–7.
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