Zhuravlev, Victor Mikhailovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2002)
Speciality: 05.13.18 (Mathematical modelling, calculating methods, and the program systems)
Birth date: 14.03.1953
Keywords: nonlinear partial differential equations; inverse scattering method; nonlinear wave processes; hydrodynamics; solitons; autowave; self-organization theory; gravitation theory; cosmology; elementary particle theory.


The method of construction the Lax-Zakharove-Shabat pseudo-representations and representations of a nonlinear partial differential equations which allowed the conjugative equation with standard definition was found. This method was based on a using the general Lagrange identities. In particular the new multi-component nonlinear PDE sets which allowed a multi-soliton solutions was found. The method of construction an exact solutions of Liouville equation in multi-dimension space was found. This solutions functionality connects with the n-form defined on the one argument vector-function space. The analogical solutions of the multi-dimension Toda-chains was found too. The new class of nonlinear auto-wave model processes in diffusion media (diffusion Toda-chains) was found. This models allow the exact solution with the arbitrary functional parameters. The analogical class of the nonlinear auto-wave model was found for the systems which described by nonlinear telegraph equations. In a frame of this work the new special superposition principe of simple solution of the nonlinear diffusion equation $u_t=D\Delta \log u +\lambda u$ and nonlinear telegraph equation $u_t=D(\partial^2_t-\partial^2_x) \log u +\lambda u$ was found. A number of papers (with Chervon S.V. and Shchigolev V.K.) were devoted to the cosmological models which unified the all stages of Universe evolution (global evolution) with many form of matter: perfect fluid, scalar field, Yang–Mills fields.


Graduated from Faculty of Physics of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in 1976 (department oscillation). Ph.D thesis was defended in 1987 (MGI SA USR in Sevastopol). A list of my works contains more than 80 titles.

Main publications:
  • Zhuravlev V. M. O novom predstavlenii dvumernykh uravnenii dinamiki neszhimaemoi zhidkosti // Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika, 1994, 58 (6), 61–67.
  • Zhuravlev V. M. Modeli nelineinykh volnovykh protsessov, dopuskayuschie solitonnye resheniya // ZhETF, 1996, 110 (6), 910–929.
  • Zhuravlev V. M. Tochnye resheniya uravnenii Liuvillya v mnogomernykh prostranstvakh // TMF, 1999, 120 (1), 3–19.
  • Zhuravlev V. M. Tochnye resheniya uravnenii nelineinoi diffuzii $u_t-D\Delta \log u -\lambda u= 0$ v dvumernom koordinatnom prostranstve // TMF, 2000, 124 (2), 265–278.
  • Zhuravlev V. M. Dvukhkomponentnye kosmologicheskie modeli s peremennym uravneniem sostoyaniya veschestva i teplovym ravnovesiem komponent // ZhETF, 2001, 120 (5), 1043–1061.
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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