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1. Induced vacuum charge of massless fermions in Coulomb and Aharonov–Bohm potentials in $2+1$ dimensions
I. V. Mamsurov, V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 188:2 (2016),  254–272
2. Zero-mass fermions in Coulomb and Aharonov–Bohm potentials in 2+1 dimensions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 175:2 (2013),  226–246
3. Discrete spectra of the Dirac Hamiltonian in Coulomb and Aharonov–Bohm potentials in $2+1$ dimensions
V. R. Khalilov, K. E. Lee
TMF, 169:3 (2011),  368–390
4. Fermion bound states in the Aharonov–Bohm field in $2+1$ dimensions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 163:1 (2010),  132–139
5. Scattering of a neutral fermion with anomalous magnetic moment by a charged straight thin thread
V. R. Khalilov, I. V. Mamsurov
TMF, 161:2 (2009),  212–223
6. Spontaneous fermion creation in the Coulomb field and Aharonov–Bohm potential in $2+1$ dimensions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 158:2 (2009),  250–262
7. Electron in the Aharonov–Bohm potential and in the Coulomb field in $2{+}1$ dimensions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 149:3 (2006),  502–517
8. Electroweak Nucleon Decays in a Superstrong Magnetic Field
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 145:1 (2005),  108–122
9. $(2+1)$-Dimensional Gauge Model with Electrically Charged Fermions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 140:3 (2004),  396–409
10. Nucleon Instability in a Degenerate Magnetized Nucleon–Electron Gas
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 138:3 (2004),  508–528
11. Nonlinear Effects Induced by Vacuum Polarization by a Strong Electromagnetic Field in a Weak Static Electromagnetic Field
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 135:2 (2003),  248–264
12. Quantum Macroscopic Effects in a Degenerate Strongly Magnetized Nucleon Gas
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 133:1 (2002),  103–120
13. Equilibrium of a Degenerate Gas of Nucleons and Electrons in a Strong Magnetic Field
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 130:1 (2002),  87–108
14. Neutral Fermion Having Electric and Magnetic Moments in an External Electromagnetic Field
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 129:1 (2001),  55–67
15. Neutral Fermion with a Magnetic Moment in External Electromagnetic Fields
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 126:3 (2001),  427–442
16. Polarization of vacuum by an external magnetic field in the $(2+1)$-dimensional quantum electrodynamics with a nonzero fermion density
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 125:1 (2000),  132–151
17. Fermions in strong external fields in $2+1$ and $1+1$ dimensions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 122:3 (2000),  372–384
18. QED$ _{2+1}$ radiation effects in a strong magnetic field
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 121:3 (1999),  412–423
19. A $2+1$-dimensional fermion in the Coulomb and magnetic field backgrounds
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 119:1 (1999),  105–118
20. Fermion pair creation by a strong Coulomb field in $2+1$ dimensions
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 116:2 (1998),  277–287
21. Charged vector bosons in a magnetic field at a finite temperature
V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 114:3 (1998),  439–453
22. Vacuum of the electroweak gauge theory in a strong magnetic field in A heat bath
O. F. Dorofeev, V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 102:3 (1995),  446–456
23. Solution of a boundary value problem of interaction of electrons with a Redmond field
I. M. Ternov, V. R. Khalilov, A. M. Khapaev, I. V. Ponomarev
Differ. Uravn., 21:11 (1985),  1926–1933
24. Charged vector particles in a magnetic field
I. A. Obukhov, V. K. Peres-Fernandes, I. M. Ternov, V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 55:3 (1983),  335–348
25. Amplitudes of elastic scattering of electrons and photons in a constant electromagnetic field
A. E. Lobanov, V. N. Rodionov, I. M. Ternov, V. R. Khalilov
TMF, 45:3 (1980),  377–389
26. On the radiation self-polarization of electrons moving in a magnetic field
V. G. Bagrov, O. F. Dorofeev, A. A. Sokolov, I. M. Ternov, V. R. Khalilov
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 221:2 (1975),  312–314

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