Chubarikov, Vladimir Nikolaevich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1989)
Birth date: 5.09.1951
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. On certain problems in analytic number theory
V. N. Chubarikov
International conference on Analytic Number Theory dedicated to 75th anniversary of G. I. Arkhipov and S. M. Voronin
December 14, 2020 11:00   
2. To the program of I. M. Vinogradov
V. N. Chubarikov
XVI International Conference «Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Geometry: modern problems, applications and problems of history» dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Professor Michel Desa
May 18, 2019 09:00
3. On the method of exponential sums
V. N. Chubarikov
Мemorial conference dedicated to the memory of Ivan Matveevich Vinogradov
March 28, 2019 11:05   
4. Современные проблемы дзета-функции Римана и рядов Дирихле
V. N. Chubarikov
Differential geometry and applications
December 10, 2018 16:45
5. Дзета-функция Римана и ряды Дирихле
V. N. Chubarikov
Knots and Representation Theory
October 23, 2018 18:30
6. Methods of the number theory to the numerical analysis
V. N. Chubarikov
XV International Conference «Algebra, Number Theory and Discrete Geometry: modern problems and applications», dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Moscow State University Korobov Nikolai Mikhailovich
May 28, 2018 10:55
7. Additive and multiplicative properties of arithmetic functions
V. N. Chubarikov
А.A.Karatsuba's 80th Birthday Conference in Number Theory and Applications
May 23, 2017 10:00   
8. Метод И. М. Виноградова и его современное развитие
V. N. Chubarikov
International conference on number theory and analysis, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of I. M. Vinogradov
September 28, 2016 12:00   
9. Rational arithmetical sums and integrals
V. N. Chubarikov
Conference to the Memory of Anatoly Alekseevitch Karatsuba on Number theory and Applications
January 28, 2016 10:05   
10. Harmonic analysis and Gauss multiplication theorem
V. N. Chubarikov
International Conference on Mathematical Control Theory and Mechanics
July 5, 2015 09:40
11. On the exponent of convergence of some multidimensional additive problems
V. N. Chubarikov
Conference in memory of A. A. Karatsuba on number theory and applications, 2015
January 31, 2015 10:05
12. On the zeros of some class of Dirchlet series without Euler product
V. N. Chubarikov, S. A. Gritsenko
Conference in memory of A. A. Karatsuba on number theory and applications, 2015
January 30, 2015 10:05   
13. Number theory and harmonic analisys
V. N. Chubarikov
Fourth international conference "Mathematical Physics and Its Applications"
August 26, 2014 10:30
14. Multidimensional additive problems
V. N. Chubarikov
Conference in memory of A. A. Karatsuba on number theory and applications
January 31, 2014 10:05   
15. Trigonometric Sums in Number Theory and Analysis
V. N. Chubarikov
International conference "Analysis and Singularities" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Igorevich Arnold
December 21, 2012 10:50   
16. Prime numbers, Riemann zeta function and trigonometric sums
V. N. Chubarikov
Steklov Mathematical Institute Seminar
June 16, 2011 16:00   
17. Л. Эйлер — основоположник современной теории чисел
G. I. Arkhipov, Yu. V. Nesterenko, V. N. Chubarikov
Annual scientific conference "Lomonosov Papers" in 2007
April 16, 2007 14:30

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