Rubakov, Valerii Anatol'evich

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Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
Birth date: 16.02.1955
Phone: +7 (499) 135 22 68
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Keywords: Particle physics, Cosmology, Quantum field theory, Gravity.


Particle physics, Cosmology, Quantum field theory, Gravity

Main publications:
  1. M.Libanov and V.Rubakov, “Conformal Universe as false vacuum decay”, Phys. Rev. D, 91:10 (2015), 103515
  2. M.Libanov, V.Rubakov and S.Sibiryakov,, “On holography for (pseudo-)conformal cosmology”, Phys. Lett. B, 741 (2015), 239
  3. V.A.Rubakov, “Consistent NEC-violation: towards creating a universe in the laboratory”, Phys. Rev. D, 88 (2013), 044015
  4. E.Krylov, A.Levin and V.Rubakov, “Cosmological phase transition, baryon asymmetry and dark matter Q-balls”, Phys. Rev. D, 87:8 (2013), 083528
  5. D.G.Levkov, V.A.Rubakov, S.V.Troitsky and Y.A.Zenkevich, “Constraining Holographic Technicolor”, Phys. Lett. B, 716 (2014), 350
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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