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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Boundedness and compactness of a class of convolution integral operators of fractional integration type
R. Oinarov
Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 293 (2016),  263–279
2. Sturm comparison theorems for half-linear equations with a damping term
R. Oinarov, Kh. Ramazanova, A. Tiryaki
Eurasian Math. J., 6:1 (2015),  85–95
3. Boundedness of integral operators in weighted Sobolev spaces
R. Oinarov
Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 78:4 (2014),  207–223
4. A weighted differential Hardy inequality on $\mathring{AC}(I)$
A. M. Abylaeva, A. O. Baĭarystanov, R. Oĭnarov
Sibirsk. Mat. Zh., 55:3 (2014),  477–493
5. Necessary and sufficient conditions for boundedness of the Hardy-type operator from a weighted Lebesgue space to a Morrey-type space
V. I. Burenkov, R. Oinarov
Math. Inequal. Appl., 16:1 (2013),  1–19
6. On the boundedness of some classes of integral operators in weighted Lebesgue spaces
L. S. Arendarenko, R. Oinarov, L.-E. Persson
Eurasian Math. J., 3:1 (2012),  5–17
7. Boundedness and compactness in weighted Lebesgue spaces of integral operators with variable integration limits
R. Oĭnarov
Sibirsk. Mat. Zh., 52:6 (2011),  1313–1328
8. Weighted Hardy inequalities and their applications to oscillation theory of half-linear differential equations
R. Oinarov, S. Y. Rakhimova
Eurasian Math. J., 1:2 (2010),  110–121
9. Boundedness and compactness of Volterra type integral operators
R. Oinarov
Sibirsk. Mat. Zh., 48:5 (2007),  1100–1115
10. A weighted estimate for an intermediate operator on the cone of nonnegative functions
R. Oinarov
Sibirsk. Mat. Zh., 43:1 (2002),  161–173
11. Three-weight generalization of Hardy's inequality
R. Oinarov
Mat. Zametki, 54:2 (1993),  56–62
12. Two-sided norm estimates for certain classes of integral operators
R. Oinarov
Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov., 204 (1993),  240–250
13. Boundedness and compactness criteria for a certain difference inclusion
R. Oinarov, A. P. Stikharnyi
Mat. Zametki, 50:5 (1991),  54–60
14. A criterion for the discreteness of the spectrum of the general Sturm–Liouville operator, and embedding theorems connected with it
R. Oinarov, M. Otelbaev
Differ. Uravn., 24:4 (1988),  584–591

15. EMJ: from Scopus Q4 to Scopus Q3 in two years?!
V. I. Burenkov, E. D. Nursultanov, T. Sh. Kalmenov, R. Oinarov, M. Otelbaev, T. V. Tararykova, A. M. Temirkhanova
Eurasian Math. J., 7:3 (2016),  6
16. On the 90th anniversary of Professor Toleubay Idrisovich Amanov (25.08.1923–21.06.1978)
O. V. Besov, V. I. Burenkov, T. Sh. Kalmenov, R. Oinarov, M. Otelbaev, E. S. Smailov
Eurasian Math. J., 4:3 (2013),  5–7

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Весовые оценки для одного класса субаддитивных операторов и их приложения
R. O. Oinarov
International conference on Function Spaces and Approximation Theory dedicated to the 110th anniversary of S. M. Nikol'skii
May 26, 2015 12:20   

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