Iskhokov, Sulaimon Abunasrovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1995)
Speciality: 01.01.01 (Real analysis, complex analysis, and functional analysis)
Keywords: Degenerate differential equation, variational problem, generalized solution, embedding theorems.


Linear and nonlinear degenerate differential equations. Embedding theorems for spaces of differentiable functions of many real variables. Spectral asymptotic of differential and pseudodifferentaial operators. Separability of differential operators.
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1. Внешняя вариационная задача Дирихле для вырождающегося эллиптического оператора с суммируемыми коэффициентами
S. A. Iskhokov
International conference on Function Spaces and Approximation Theory dedicated to the 110th anniversary of S. M. Nikol'skii
May 27, 2015 17:30

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