Guzev, Mikhail Aleksandrovich

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Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
Birth date: 6.08.1962
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. M. A. Guzev, G. Sh. Tsitsiashvili, “An algorithm for predicting the critical events in the generalized indicator”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 19:1 (2019),  20–23  mathnet
2. Yu. N. Zhuravlev, M. A. Guzev, A. I. Gudimenko, “Protein synthesis as an object of physical and mathematical research and modeling”, Sib. Èlektron. Mat. Izv., 16 (2019),  340–368  mathnet
3. M. A. Guzev, G. Sh. Tsitsiashvili, M. A. Osipova, “Protection of the network structure by autonomous vehicles”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 18:2 (2018),  177–182  mathnet
4. M. A. Guzev, “The exact formula for the temperature of a one-dimensional crystal”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 18:1 (2018),  39–47  mathnet
5. M. A. Guzev, “The Fourier law for a one-dimensional crystal”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 18:1 (2018),  34–38  mathnet
6. M. A. Guzev, G. Sh. Tsitsiashvili, M. A. Osipova, M. S. Sporishev, “Probability of detecting an extraneous mobile object by Autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles is as a solution of Buffon problem”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 17:2 (2017),  191–200  mathnet  elib
7. M. A. Guzev, N. N. Kradin, E. Y. Nikitina, “Ranked analysis of the life cycle of polities”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 17:2 (2017),  180–190  mathnet  elib
8. M. A. Guzev, A. A. Dmitriev, “Oscillatory-damping temperature behavior in one-dimensional harmonic model of a perfect crystal”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 17:2 (2017),  170–179  mathnet  elib
9. M. A. Guzev, A. A. Dmitriev, “Different representations for solving one-dimensional harmonic model of a crystal”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 17:1 (2017),  30–47  mathnet  elib
10. M. A. Guzev, “Application of the path integral for calculation of simultaneous probability density”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 17:1 (2017),  22–29  mathnet  elib
11. M. A. Guzev, I. A. Molotkov, “Longitudinal finite-amplitude wave in nonlinear homogeneous elastic medium. The equations of Landau-Murnaghan”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 16:2 (2016),  160–168  mathnet  elib
12. A. I. Gudimenko, M. A. Guzev, Yu. N. Zhuravlev, “On applicability of category theory to the description of ontogeny events”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 16:2 (2016),  147–159  mathnet  elib
13. M. A. Guzev, A. V. Ustinov, “Mechanical characteristics of molecular dynamics model and Korobov polynomials”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 16:1 (2016),  39–43  mathnet  elib
14. M. A. Guzev, A. A. Dmitriev, “Stability of coupled oscillators”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 15:2 (2015),  166–191  mathnet  elib
15. A. I. Gudimenko, M. A. Guzev, “On covariant form of the momentum balance equation for perfect fluid”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 15:1 (2015),  41–52  mathnet  elib
16. M. A. Guzev, A. A. Dmitriev, “On the Critical Points of the Kolmogorov Mean with Constraints on the Mean of the Arguments”, Mat. Zametki, 98:2 (2015),  204–220  mathnet  mathscinet  elib; Math. Notes, 98:2 (2015), 237–250  isi  scopus
17. M. A. Guzev, A. A. Dmitriev, “A modified model of coupled pendulums”, Nelin. Dinam., 11:4 (2015),  709–720  mathnet
18. A. I. Gudimenko, M. A. Guzev, “Geometrical aspects of the mass conservation law”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 14:2 (2014),  173–190  mathnet
19. M. A. Guzev, “Spectral characteristics of the self-balanced stress fields”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 14:1 (2014),  41–47  mathnet
20. A. I. Gudimenko, M. A. Guzev, “On invariant form of the mass conservation law”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 14:1 (2014),  33–40  mathnet
21. M. A. Guzev, Ch. Qi, “Equations of the strain gradient theory in curvilinear coordinates”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 13:1 (2013),  35–42  mathnet
22. M. A. Guzev, “Asymptotic Formulae for Dynamic Characteristics of a Particle in the Vicinity of Resonance”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 12:2 (2012),  171–183  mathnet
23. M. A. Guzev, E. Y. Nikitina, “The Rank Analysis of the Criminal code (for Economic crimes)”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 10:2 (2010),  117–129  mathnet
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29. M. P. Galanin, M. A. Guzev, T. V. Nizkaya, “The investigation of critical behaviour of the non-euclidean model of a solid”, Keldysh Institute preprints, 2008, 067, 22 pp.  mathnet
30. M. P. Galanin, M. A. Guzev, T. V. Nizkaya, “Numerical solution of thermal plasticity problem with additional parameters”, Keldysh Institute preprints, 2007, 008, 20 pp.  mathnet
31. M. A. Guzev, A. I. Oleinikov, K. S. Bormotin, S. V. Seryi, A. I. Pekarsh, “The 3D-computer cluster simulation of forming the large-sized one-piece airframe panels with bicurvature and variable thickness”, Vychisl. Metody Programm., 8:1 (2007),  123–129  mathnet
32. M. P. Galanin, M. A. Guzev, T. V. Nizkaya, “Development and application of a numerical algorithm for equations in unbounded region”, Keldysh Institute preprints, 2005, 139, 19 pp.  mathnet
33. V. P. Myasnikov, M. A. Guzev, A. A. Ushakov, “Structure of self-balanced stresses stresses in continuum”, Dal'nevost. Mat. Zh., 3:2 (2002),  231–241  mathnet
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38. A. N. Vasil'ev, M. A. Guzev, “Simple proof that an adiabatic invariant is conserved to exponential accuracy over a complete interval of development”, TMF, 66:1 (1986),  146–149  mathnet  mathscinet; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 66:1 (1986), 97–99  isi

39. V. A. Il'in, V. A. Levin, M. A. Guzev, V. P. Maslov, E. I. Moiseev, “Veniamin Petrovich Myasnikov”, Differ. Uravn., 40:10 (2004),  1434–1435  mathnet  mathscinet

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Stability of rolling particles between elastic plates
M. A. Guzev
Dynamics in Siberia - 2019
February 26, 2019 10:30
2. Модели и алгоритмы композиционного анализа поведения систем и обработки данных
M. A. Guzev
December readings in Tomsk
December 12, 2018 11:40   
3. On Fourier's law for linear chain of particles
M. Guzev
Dynamics in Siberia - 2018
February 27, 2018 14:30
4. Научная и научно-организационная деятельность Института прикладной математики Дальневосточного отделения РАН с 2008 по 2015 годы
M. A. Guzev
General Meeting of the Branch of Mathematical Sciences, RAS, 2015
March 21, 2016 13:50   

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