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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
Birth date: 6.04.1952
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Comparative analysis of the role of atom and ion spectral lines in radiative heating of four types of space capsules
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 54:2 (2016),  249–266
2. Numerical simulation of the two-dimentional structure of glow discharge in molecular nitrogen with an account for oscillatory kinetics
D. A. Storozhev, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 53:3 (2015),  325–336
3. Calculation of a Hypersonic Flow over Bodies of Complex Configuration on Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes Using the AUSM Scheme
A. L. Zheleznyakova, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 52:2 (2014),  283–293
4. Equilibrium spectral radiation behind the shock wave front in a $\mathrm{CO_2}$$\mathrm{N_2}$ gas mixture
A. S. Dikalyuk, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 52:1 (2014),  39–44
5. Application of the method of splitting by physical processes for the computation of a hypersonic flow over an aircraft model of complex configuration
A. L. Zheleznyakova, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 51:6 (2013),  897–911
6. Checking computation data on radiative and convectional heating of next generation spacecraft
S. T. Surzhikov, M. P. Shuvalov
TVT, 51:3 (2013),  456–470
7. Convective heating of small-radius spherical blunting for relatively low hypersonic velocities
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 51:2 (2013),  261–276
8. Numerical simulation of rarefied dusty plasma in a normal glow discharge
A. S. Dikalyuk, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 50:5 (2012),  611–619
9. The unstructured two-dimensional grid-based computation of selective thermal radiation in $\mathrm{CO}_2$$\mathrm{N}_2$ mixture flows
D. A. Andrienko, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 50:4 (2012),  585–595
10. Computation of hypersonic flow and radiation of viscous chemically reacting gas in a channel modeling a section of a scramjet
D. V. Kotov, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 50:1 (2012),  126–136
11. Radiative-Convective Heat Transfer of a Spherically Shaped Space Vehicle in Carbon Dioxide
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 49:1 (2011),  92–107
12. Квазистационарный высокочастотный емкостной тлеющий разряд в поперечном магнитном поле
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 48:supplementary issue (2010),  102–112
13. Radiative gas dynamics of large landing spacecraft
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 48:6 (2010),  956–964
14. Interaction of plasma plume of a plasma pulsed thruster with incident flow of rarefied magnetized plasma
S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 21:1 (2009),  12–24
15. Glow discharge in external magnetic field in hypersonic flow of rarefied gas
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 47:4 (2009),  485–497
16. Laser-supported combustion wave in the field of gravity
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 47:3 (2009),  324–337
17. Molecular dynamics simulation of the rate of dissociation and of the time of vibrational relaxation of diatomic molecules
D. V. Kotov, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 46:5 (2008),  664–673
18. Local estimation of directional emissivity of light-scattering volumes using the Monte-Carlo method
D. V. Kotov, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 45:6 (2007),  885–895
19. Practical use of parallel computing for numerical simulation of interaction between air laser plasma and a surface
I. V. Sharikov, D. M. Khrupov, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 18:8 (2006),  12–24
20. A two-dimensional model of glow discharge in view of vibrational excitation of molecular nitrogen
A. S. Petrusëv, S. T. Surzhikov, J. S. Shang
TVT, 44:6 (2006),  814–822
21. Potentials of internuclear interaction of diatomic molecules in planetary atmosphere
D. S. Alekhin, D. M. Klimov, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 44:3 (2006),  378–392
22. Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Structure of Glow Discharge in View of the Heating of Neutral Gas
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 43:6 (2005),  828–844
23. Viscous interaction on a flat plate with a surface discharge in magnetic field
S. T. Surzhikov, J. S. Shang
TVT, 43:1 (2005),  21–31
24. Three-dimensional model of the spectral emissivity of light-scattering exhaust plumes
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 42:5 (2004),  760–771
25. The use of Monte Carlo simulation methods to calculate the radiation of jets of combustion products in view of rotational spectral structure
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 41:5 (2003),  785–799
26. Computational models of combustion of nonmetallized heterogeneous propellant
S. T. Surzhikov, H. Krier
TVT, 41:1 (2003),  106–142
27. The Bifurcation of Subsonic Gas Flow past a Localized Volume of Low-Temperature Plasma
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 40:4 (2002),  591–602
28. Quasi-one-dimensional model of combustion of sandwich heterogeneous solid propellant
S. T. Surzhikov, H. Krier
TVT, 39:4 (2001),  629–639
29. A self-consistent computational model of electrodynamic and thermogasdynamic processes in electric-discharge lasers
V. V. Levenets, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 39:1 (2001),  5–12
30. On the problem of diatomic molecules wave functions determination
S. T. Surzhikov, V. M. Tenishev, L. A. Chudov
Matem. Mod., 12:2 (2000),  118–127
31. Numerical analysis of subsonic laser-supported combustion waves
S. T. Surzhikov
Kvantovaya Elektronika, 30:5 (2000),  416–420
32. Absorption cross sections of diatomic molecules for problems of radiative heat transfer in low-temperature plasma
L. A. Kuznetsova, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 37:3 (1999),  374–385
33. The information-computational complex “MSRT-RADEN”. Database of absorption coefficients of diatomic electronic spectra
L. A. Kuznetsova, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 10:5 (1998),  21–34
34. The information-computational complex “MSRT-RADEN”. Models of absorption coefficients of diatomic molecules electronic spectra
L. A. Kuznetsova, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 10:4 (1998),  30–40
35. The information-computational complex “MSRT-RADEN”
L. A. Kuznetsova, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 10:3 (1998),  15–28
36. Macrostatistical model describing heat transfer by radiation with due regard for the vibrational-band spectrum: Calculation of radiation transfer
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 36:3 (1998),  475–481
37. Macrostatistical model describing heat transfer by radiation with due regard for the vibrational-band spectrum. Formulation of the model
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 36:2 (1998),  285–290
38. Radiative-gasdynamical model of a nozzle with local heating
S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 9:9 (1997),  54–74
39. Semiempirical model of dynamics and radiation of large-scale fireballs formed as a result of rocket accidents
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 35:6 (1997),  932–939
40. Radiative heat fluxes in the vicinity of oxygen-hydrogen fireballs
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 35:5 (1997),  778–782
41. Heat radiation of large-scale oxygen-hydrogen fireballs. Investigation of calculation models
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 35:4 (1997),  584–593
42. Heat radiation of large-scale oxygen-hydrogen fireballs: Analysis of the problem and main results
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 35:3 (1997),  416–423
43. Mathematical modeling of optical discharge subsonic propagation in $\mathrm{CO}_2$-laser's beam with the refraction of laser radiation
A. P. Budnic, A. S. Vakulovsky, A. G. Popov, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 8:5 (1996),  3–25
44. An emitting cloud numerical model with nonstationary dynamical variables
S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 7:8 (1995),  3–24
45. Radiative buoyant thermal numerical model with variables “velocity-pressure”
S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 7:6 (1995),  3–31
46. Three-dimensional numerical simulation of MHD-interaction between a laser plasma and a moving ionized medium in magnetic field
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 33:4 (1995),  519–531
47. Mathematical models of subsonic Laval nozzles of laser-plasma accelerators
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 33:3 (1995),  437–451
48. Laser combustion waves in Laval nozzles
L. Mirabo, Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 33:1 (1995),  13–23
49. Burning of a continuous optical discharge in an optical plasmatron at elevated pressure
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 32:5 (1994),  714–717
50. Origination of return flows in an optical plasma generator under conditions of radiative combustion of discharge
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 32:2 (1994),  292–298
51. Radiation heat transfer subject to atomic lines in a low-temperature laser's plasma layers
S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 5:10 (1993),  11–31
52. Mathematical model of gasdischarge and heat processes in technological lasers chamber
Y. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 5:3 (1993),  32–58
53. Simulation of line emission propagation in light-scattering volumes
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 31:4 (1993),  680–682
54. The calculation of selective radiative heat transfer in arbitrary geometry volumes
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 31:3 (1993),  434–438
55. The rate of current spot expansion on a glow discharge cathode upon abrupt voltage rise
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 31:1 (1993),  22–28
56. Expanding of a plasma cloud of complicated form into rarefied plasma in the magnetic field
A. V. Rakhmanov, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 4:7 (1992),  67–78
57. Three-dimensional computational mhd-model of plasma expansion into non-uniform medium with magnetic field
K. G. Guskov, Y. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 4:7 (1992),  49–66
58. Transport approximation in calculating the directed-radiation transfer in an anisotropically scattering erosional flare
L. A. Dombrovskii, A. V. Kolpakov, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 29:6 (1991),  1171–1177
59. Numerical modelling of a low combastion wave in $\mathrm{CO}_2$-laser's beam
S. T. Surzhikov
Matem. Mod., 2:7 (1990),  85–95
60. The thermal radiation computer model of axasymmetrical scattering two-phase volumes
L. A. Daladova, A. I. Makienko, S. N. Pavlova, S. T. Surzhikov, B. A. Khmelinin
Matem. Mod., 2:4 (1990),  54–66
61. Observed velocity of slow motion of an optical discharge
K. G. Guskov, Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
Kvantovaya Elektronika, 17:7 (1990),  937–942
62. Radiative–convective heat transfer in an optical plasmotron chamber
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 28:6 (1990),  1205–1213
63. Transfer of directed radiation in an absorbing and anisotropically scattering medium
A. V. Kolpakov, L. A. Dombrovskii, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 28:5 (1990),  983–987
64. Charge diffusion along a current and an effective method of eliminating computational for glow discharges
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 28:3 (1990),  439–443
65. Continuous optical discharge burning at elevated pressures
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
Kvantovaya Elektronika, 15:3 (1988),  551–553
66. Two-dimensional structure in a normal glow-discharge and diffusion effects in cathode and anode spot formation
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 26:3 (1988),  428–435
67. О расчете направленного теплового излучения светорассеивающих объемов методом Монте-Карло
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 25:4 (1987),  820–823
68. Two-dimensional calculations of a continuous optical discharge in atmospheric-air flow (optical plasmatron)
Yu. P. Raizer, A. Yu. Silant'ev, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 25:3 (1987),  454–461
69. Numerical study of a continuous optical discharge in atmospheric air in the framework of a one-dimensional model
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 23:1 (1985),  29–35
70. Investigation of the processes occurring in an optical plasmatron by numerical calculation
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
Kvantovaya Elektronika, 11:11 (1984),  2301–2310

71. Метод расчета теплообмена излучением с учетом атомных линий применительно к численной модели оптического разряда (№ 3509-В-87 Деп. от 19.V.1987)
S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 25:5 (1987),  1036
72. Методы численного расчета двумерного течения в оптическом плазмотроне (№ 7510-86 Деп. от 31.Х.1986)
Yu. P. Raizer, A. Yu. Silant'ev, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 25:2 (1987),  412
73. Одномерная численная модель оптического плазмотрона (№ 4705-84 от 4.VII.1984)
Yu. P. Raizer, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 22:6 (1984),  1233
74. Метод решения сопряженной задачи тепло- и массообмена при аэротермохимическом разрушении тел (№ 2252-81 Деп. от 14.V.81)
V. V. Gorskii, S. T. Surzhikov
TVT, 19:5 (1981),  1117

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Механика ионизированных сред: компьютерные модели и междисциплинарные исследования
S. T. Surzhikov
All-Russian conference "Modern Problems of Continuum Mechanics" devoted to 110 anniversary of L. I. Sedov
November 13, 2017 13:15   
2. Computer models of radiation-convective heat transfer in ramjet combustion chambers
S. T. Surzhikov
International Conference on Mathematical Control Theory and Mechanics
July 3, 2015 11:30

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