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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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1. Analysis of point model of fibrin polymerization
A. A. Andreeva, A. V. Nikolaev, A. I. Lobanov
Computer Research and Modeling, 9:2 (2017),  247–258
2. A difference scheme for solving the equations of tumor growth subject to the restricted flow of motile cells
L. S. Isachenko, A. I. Lobanov
Vestnik YuUrGU. Ser. Mat. Model. Progr., 10:2 (2017),  98–106
3. Fibrin polymerization as a phase transition wave: A mathematical model
A. I. Lobanov
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 56:6 (2016),  1138–1148
4. On calculation of platelet clot growth based on “advection-diffusion” equations
E. A. Pogorelova, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 27:6 (2015),  54–66
5. Plasma dynamic simulation in microsecond plasma opening switch
V. E. Karpov, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 23:8 (2011),  137–156
6. Numerical calculations the cuprum vapours liner dynamics
N. A. Zavyalova, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 23:4 (2011),  103–119
7. Mathematical model of platelet thrombus formation
V. N. Buravtsev, A. I. Lobanov, A. V. Ukrainets
Matem. Mod., 21:3 (2009),  109–119
8. On the calculation of the plasma dynamics in the RS-20 POS device using the personal computer cluster
V. E. Karpov, V. I. Kosarev, A. I. Lobanov, A. V. Toltobrov
Matem. Mod., 19:4 (2007),  45–61
9. Parallel computations in the physicochemical hydrodynamic problems: approaches and ideas
V. E. Karpov, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 18:11 (2006),  95–103
10. Two-dimensional stationary sructures in the mathematical model of the blood coagulation with the hypothesis of thrombin activity switching
M. P. Krutikova, I. A. Kurilenko, A. I. Lobanov, T. K. Starogilova
Matem. Mod., 16:12 (2004),  85–95
11. Results of the plasma opening switch dynamics simulations in the emhd regime
A. S. Kingsep, I. V. Kovalenko, A. I. Lobanov, K. V. Chukbar
Matem. Mod., 16:10 (2004),  93–106
12. Comparison of two mathematical models for spatial phenomena of the blood coagulation
A. I. Lobanov, T. K. Starogilova, V. I. Zarnitsina, F. I. Ataullakhanov
Matem. Mod., 15:1 (2003),  14–28
13. On the calculation of the electric field in the RS-20 POS device using the personal computer cluster
V. E. Karpov, A. I. Lobanov, A. R. Seroglazov
Matem. Mod., 14:11 (2002),  54–62
14. Spatial patterns formed by chemotactic bacteria Escherichia coli
A. I. Lobanov, R. A. Pashkov, I. B. Petrov, A. A. Polezhaev
Matem. Mod., 14:10 (2002),  17–26
15. Transport model of gas impurities spread in urban area
Yu. G. Kalinin, A. S. Kingsep, V. I. Kosarev, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 12:11 (2000),  47–66
16. Thershold intervascular blood coagulation as a result of stenosis development
A. P. Guzevatykh, A. I. Lobanov, G. T. Guria
Matem. Mod., 12:4 (2000),  39–60
17. Threshold activation of blood coagulation and thrombus growth under flow conditions
A. L. Chulichkov, A. V. Nikolaev, A. I. Lobanov, G. T. Guria
Matem. Mod., 12:3 (2000),  75–96
18. Rsonance phenomena in reaction-diffusion systems
A. I. Lobanov, T. K. Starogilova, A. P. Chernyaev
Matem. Mod., 11:7 (1999),  75–82
19. On the model of $z$-pinch instability
A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 10:12 (1998),  87–95
20. Population models with non-linear diffusion
N. V. Belotelov, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 9:12 (1997),  43–56
21. Qualitative investigation of pattern formation at the initial stage in the reaction-diffusion model
A. I. Lobanov, T. K. Starogilova
Matem. Mod., 9:12 (1997),  3–15
22. Numerical investigation of pattern formation in blood coagulation
A. I. Lobanov, T. K. Starogilova, G. T. Guria
Matem. Mod., 9:8 (1997),  83–95
23. Numerical research of two-dimensional pattern formation in model of excitable active medium
T. K. Starogilova, A. I. Lobanov, G. T. Guria
Matem. Mod., 9:2 (1997),  21–24
24. On stability of regular solutions of one-dimensional $z$-pinch dynamic problem
V. I. Kosarev, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 8:5 (1996),  106–112
25. Simultaneous numerical solution of the compressed plasma effects and railgun electrodes problems
A. I. Lobanov, I. B. Petrov
Matem. Mod., 5:10 (1993),  48–56
26. Self-similar solutions radiative MHD problems
V. I. Kosarev, A. I. Lobanov
Matem. Mod., 5:6 (1993),  104–122

27. In memory of Radiĭ Petrovich Fedorenko (1930–2010)
È. L. Akim, O. M. Belotserkovskiĭ, K. V. Brushlinskiĭ, S. K. Godunov, V. F. Dyachenko, V. T. Zhukov, M. K. Kerimov, A. I. Lobanov, M. V. Maslennikov, I. B. Petrov, Yu. P. Popov, G. P. Prokopov, V. S. Ryaben'kiĭ, L. G. Strakhovskaya, A. S. Kholodov, B. N. Chetverushkin, T. M. Eneev
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 50:8 (2010),  1532–1536

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