Vysikaylo, Philipp Ivanovich

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Vysikaylo, Philipp Ivanovich
Senior Researcher
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2004)
Speciality: 01.04.08 (Physics of plasmas)
Keywords: Structures, fields, potential wells, turbulence, structural turbulence, transport processes in inhomogeneous media and in media with potential wells, structures in continuous media, cumulative dissipative structures, linear, even lightning, cathode spots, striations, electric cords, electric tails for Meteoroids, plasmoids, excitons, exciton molecules, superlattices, gullies, tornadoes, cyclones, vortex structures, bi-cyclones, electric tails behind meteoroids, ambipolar flows, inhomogeneous structures in plasma, methods of generalized mathematical transposition, doped crystals, semicircles, social sciences.


Studies of structures and fields in the Cosmos;
• Turbulence and structural turbulence in potential wells. Transport processes in inhomogeneous media and in media with potential wells;
• Structures in continuous media and their properties. Cumulative dissipative structures (linear and even lightning, cathode spots, striations, cords, plasmoids, etc.) in the plasma and their properties. Vortex structures (cyclones, tornadoes, tornadoes, electric cords behind meteoroids, etc.);
• Shock and detonation waves and their cumulative and dissipative properties and transformation;
• Ambipolar drift and ambipolar diffusion transport processes and inhomogeneous structures in plasma;
• Methods of generalized mathematical description of analogs in various phenomena (including gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear, acoustic and quantum phenomena);
• Alloyed crystals (excitons, exciton molecules, superlattices) and their properties;
• Application of Euler's ideas in the development of social sciences about social structures and their interaction.

Main publications:
  1. F. I. Vysikailo, “Kumulyativnaya fizika kristallov i plazmoidov”, Uspekhi prikladnoi fiziki yr 2015 vol 3, № 3, 226–235
  2. F. I. Vysikailo, “Kumulyatsiya elektricheskogo polya v dissipativnykh strukturakh v gazorazryadnoi plazme”, ZhETF, 125:5 (2004), 1071
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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