Glyzin, Sergei Dmitrievich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2009)
Speciality: 01.01.02 (Differential equations, dynamical systems, and optimal control)
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Main publications:
  1. Glyzin S.D., “Stsenarii fazovykh perestroek odnoi konechnoraznostnoi modeli uravneniya “reaktsiya-diffuziya””, Differentsialnye uravneniya, 33:6 (1997), 805–811  mathscinet  zmath
  2. Glyzin S.D., Kolesov A.Yu., Rozov N.Kh., “O yavleniyakh khaosa v koltse iz trekh odnonapravlenno svyazannykh generatorov”, Zhurnal vychislitelnoi matematiki i matematicheskoi fiziki, 46:10 (2006), 1809–1821  mathnet  mathscinet
  3. Glyzin S. D., Kolesov A.Yu., Rozov N.Kh., “O predelnykh znacheniyakh funktsii Melnikova na periodicheskikh orbitakh”, Differentsialnye uravneniya, 43:2 (2007), 176–190  mathscinet  zmath
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. S. D. Glyzin, S. A. Kashchenko, A. O. Tolbey, “Equations with the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam and dislocations nonlinearity”, Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 27:4 (2019),  52–70  mathnet
2. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “New approach to gene network modeling”, Model. Anal. Inform. Sist., 26:3 (2019),  365–404  mathnet
3. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “A self-symmetric cycle in a system of two diffusely connected Hutchinson's equations”, Mat. Sb., 210:2 (2019),  24–74  mathnet  elib; Sb. Math., 210:2 (2019), 184–233  isi  scopus
4. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “Автоволновые процессы в диффузионных нейронных системах”, Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 59:9 (2019),  1495–1515  mathnet  elib
5. S. D. Glyzin, E. A. Marushkina, “Disordered oscillations in a neural network of three oscillators with a delayed broadcast connection”, Model. Anal. Inform. Sist., 25:5 (2018),  572–583  mathnet
6. S. D. Glyzin, M. V. Lokhanin, D. M. Sirotin, “Invariant characteristics of forced oscillations of a beam with longitudinal compression”, Model. Anal. Inform. Sist., 25:1 (2018),  54–62  mathnet  elib
7. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “An approach to modeling artificial gene networks”, TMF, 194:3 (2018),  547–568  mathnet  elib; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 194:3 (2018), 471–490  isi  scopus
8. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “Quasi-stable structures in circular gene networks”, Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 58:5 (2018),  682–704  mathnet  elib; Comput. Math. Math. Phys., 58:5 (2018), 659–679  isi  scopus
9. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “Many-circuit canard trajectories and their applications”, Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 81:4 (2017),  108–157  mathnet  mathscinet  elib; Izv. Math., 81:4 (2017), 771–817  isi  scopus
10. S. D. Glyzin, “Mathematical model of Nicholson's experiment”, Model. Anal. Inform. Sist., 24:3 (2017),  365–386  mathnet  elib
11. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, E. A. Marushkina, “Relaxation oscillations in a system of two pulsed synaptically coupled neurons”, Model. Anal. Inform. Sist., 24:1 (2017),  82–93  mathnet  mathscinet  elib
12. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “Existence and Stability of the Relaxation Cycle in a Mathematical Repressilator Model”, Mat. Zametki, 101:1 (2017),  58–76  mathnet  mathscinet  elib; Math. Notes, 101:1 (2017), 71–86  isi  scopus
13. S. D. Glyzin, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, “Two-frequency self-oscillations in a FitzHugh–Nagumo neural network”, Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 57:1 (2017),  94–110  mathnet  elib; Comput. Math. Math. Phys., 57:1 (2017), 106–121  isi  scopus
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