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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1990)
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1. A. A. Grusho, A. A. Zatsarinny, E. E. Timonina, “The electronic ledger on the basis of situational centers for digital economy”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 29:2 (2019),  4–11  mathnet
2. A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina, “Methods of protection against mass inactivation of low protected computers of digital economy”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 29:1 (2019),  4–11  mathnet  elib
3. A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, M. V. Levykin, E. E. Timonina, “Methods of identification of host capture in a distributed information system which is protected on the basis of meta data”, Inform. Primen., 12:4 (2018),  39–43  mathnet  elib
4. A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, D. V. Smirnov, E. E. Timonina, “Parametrization in applied problems of search of empirical reasons”, Inform. Primen., 12:3 (2018),  62–66  mathnet  elib
5. A. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina, S. Ya. Shorgin, “Hierarchical method of meta data generation for control of network connections”, Inform. Primen., 12:2 (2018),  44–49  mathnet  elib
6. A. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, A. A. Zatsarinny, E. E. Timonina, “On some possibilities of resource management for organizing active counteraction to computer attacks”, Inform. Primen., 12:1 (2018),  62–70  mathnet  elib
7. A. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina, S. Ya. Shorgin, “Overcoming of protection of a network where connections are controlled by meta data”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 28:4 (2018),  22–30  mathnet  elib
8. A. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, N. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina, “Information security on the basis of meta data in enterprise application integration architecture of information systems”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 28:2 (2018),  34–41  mathnet  elib
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10. A. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, D. V. Smirnov, E. E. Timonina, “The model of the set of information spaces in the problem of insider detection”, Inform. Primen., 11:4 (2017),  65–69  mathnet  elib
11. A. A. Grusho, I. Yu. Teryokhina, “Consistency analysis of software-defined networks reconfiguration”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 27:3 (2017),  12–22  mathnet  elib
12. A. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, D. V. Smirnov, E. E. Timonina, “About complex authentication”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 27:3 (2017),  4–11  mathnet  elib
13. A. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, A. A. Zatsarinnyy, A. V. Nikolaev, V. O. Piskovski, E. E. Timonina, “Erroneous states classification in dictributed computing systems and sources of their occurence”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 27:2 (2017),  29–40  mathnet  elib
14. A. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, A. A. Zatsarinny, “On the advanced procedure to reduce calculation of Galois closures”, Inform. Primen., 10:4 (2016),  96–104  mathnet  elib
15. A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, M. I. Zabezhailo, E. E. Timonina, “Integration of statistical and deterministic methods for analysis of information security”, Inform. Primen., 10:3 (2016),  2–8  mathnet  elib
16. A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina, “Security evaluation in secure architecture of distributed information systems”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 26:4 (2016),  31–37  mathnet  elib
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23. R. R. Giliazov, A. A. Grusho, “Problems of interaction of the malicious code and protection programs in architecture of modern operating systems”, Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 25:3 (2015),  94–108  mathnet  elib
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25. A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina, “Switching on of new bans in random sequences”, Inform. Primen., 8:4 (2014),  46–52  mathnet  elib
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