Gaishun, Ivan Vasil'evich

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academiian of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraineacademiian of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1985)
Birth date: 29.09.1946
Main publications:
  • Vpolne razreshimye mnogomernye differentsialnye uravneniya. Mn.: Nauka i tekhnika, 1983.
  • Lineinye uravneniya v polnykh proizvodnykh. Mn.: Nauka i tekhnika, 1989.
  • Mnogoparametricheskie sistemy upravleniya. Mn.: Nauka i tekhnika, 1996.
  • Vvedenie v teoriyu lineinykh nestatsionarnykh sistem. Mn.: In-t matematiki NAN Belarusi, 1999.
  • Sistemy s diskretnym vremenem. Mn.: In-t matematiki NAN Belarusi, 2001.
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