Nazarov Fedor L'vovich

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Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (1993)
Birth date: 8.09.1967
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1. Asymptotic laws for the spatial distribution and the number of connected components of zero sets of Gaussian random functions
F. Nazarov, M. Sodin
Zh. Mat. Fiz. Anal. Geom., 12:3 (2016),  205–278
2. Log-integrability of Rademacher Fourier series, with applications to random analytic functions
F. Nazarov, A. Nishry, M. Sodin
Algebra i Analiz, 25:3 (2013),  147–184
3. The fractional Riesz transform and an exponential potential
B. Jaye, F. Nazarov, A. Volberg
Algebra i Analiz, 24:6 (2012),  77–123
4. The power law for the Buffon needle probability of the four-corner Cantor set
F. Nazarov, Y. Peres, A. Volberg
Algebra i Analiz, 22:1 (2010),  82–97
5. A variation on a theme of Caffarelli and Vasseur
A. Kiselev, F. Nazarov
Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 370 (2009),  58–72
6. Sharp dilation-type inequalities with fixed parameter of convexity
S. G. Bobkov, F. L. Nazarov
Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 351 (2007),  54–78
7. Beurling–Malliavin multiplier theorem: the seventh proof
J. Mashreghi, F. L. Nazarov, V. P. Havin
Algebra i Analiz, 17:5 (2005),  3–68
8. On the decay rate of $(p,A)$-lacunary series
F. L. Nazarov, N. A. Shirokov
Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 327 (2005),  135–149
9. Coarse equidistribution of the argument of entire functions of finite order
Fëdor Nazarov, Mikhail Sodin
Mat. Fiz. Anal. Geom., 11:4 (2004),  492–506
10. Heating of the Beurling operator and the estimates of its norm
A. L. Vol'berg, F. L. Nazarov
Algebra i Analiz, 15:4 (2003),  142–158
11. The geometric Kannan–Lovász–Simonovits lemma, dimension-free estimates for volumes of sublevel sets of polynomials, and distribution of zeros of random analytic functions
F. Nazarov, M. Sodin, A. Vol'berg
Algebra i Analiz, 14:2 (2002),  214–234
12. The Bang solution of the coefficient problem
F. L. Nazarov
Algebra i Analiz, 9:2 (1997),  272–287
13. The hunt for a Bellman function: applications to estimates for singular integral operators and to other classical problems of harmonic analysis
F. L. Nazarov, S. R. Treil'
Algebra i Analiz, 8:5 (1996),  32–162
14. The behavior of the Lebesgue constants of two-dimensional Fourier sums over polygons
F. L. Nazarov, A. N. Podkorutov
Algebra i Analiz, 7:4 (1995),  214–238
15. On a proof of the Littlewood conjecture by McGehee, Pigno and Smith
F. L. Nazarov
Algebra i Analiz, 7:2 (1995),  106–120
16. Local estimates for exponential polynomials and their applications to inequalities of the uncertainty principle type
F. L. Nazarov
Algebra i Analiz, 5:4 (1993),  3–66
17. On the theorems of Turan, Amrein–Berthier and Zigmund
F. L. Nazarov
Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 201 (1992),  117–123
18. Covering a convex polygon by triangles with fixed vertices
A. V. Bogomol'naya, F. L. Nazarov, S. E. Rukshin
Mat. Zametki, 44:2 (1988),  191–195
19. On the Reinhardt problem of the lattice packings of convex plots. The local extremality of the Reinhardt octagon
F. L. Nazarov
Zap. Nauchn. Sem. LOMI, 151 (1986),  104–114

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