Dreglea, Aliona Ivanovna

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Dreglea, Aliona Ivanovna
Associate professor
Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (2013)
Speciality: 05.13.18; 05.13.17 (Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and the program systems; Theoretical foundation for informatics)
Keywords: Navier-Stokes equations, melt spinning, Shishkin mesh, Blasius equation, nonlinear analysis, time series, machine learning
UDC: 510, 517.9, 518.6


fluid dynamics; numerical methods; differential equations; forecasting


Aliona Dreglea graduated from Tiraspol State University in 1999 with Specialist Degree in Applied Mathematics. She gained her MSc Degree in Topological Algebra from Oradea University (Romania) in 2000 under supervision of Prof. M.I. Ursul. Her work has been supported with Klüber Lubrication and DIT scholarship while her research stay with Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) in 2001–2005. She is associated with Irkutsk State University (Russia) since 2005 and with Irkutsk National Research Technical University since 2018.

Main publications:
  1. Dreglea A. I., “Some analytical and exact solutions of the systems of in the theory of polymers modeling”, Siberian Journal of Industrial Mathematics, 11:3 (2008), 61-70  zmath
  2. Дрегля А. И., “Application of the Seban and Bond Transform and the Cauchy – Kovalevskaya Theorem for one Boundary Layer Problem for Navier – Stocks Equations”, Izv. ISU. Ser. mathematics, 5:3 (2012), 32-40  zmath
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