Kuznetsov, Sergey Petrovich

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Kuznetsov, Sergey Petrovich
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1987)
Speciality: 01.04.03 (Radio physics)
Birth date: 10.01.1951
Phone: +7 (845) 227 86 85
Fax: +7 (845) 227 24 01
Keywords: chaos, attactor, bifurcation.
UDC: 517.9, 517.548
MSC: 37D45, 15A66, 46S99, 30G35


Nonlinear dynamics, chaos, electronics.


S. P. Kuznetsov was graduated Saratov State University in 1973. In 1977 he received the degree of Candidate of Sciences from Saratov University, speciality Radio-physics. Since 1977 till 1988 S. P. Kuznetsov is a Senior Researcher of the Institute of Mechanics and Physics of SSU. In 1988 he received degree of Doctor of Sciences from Saratov University. The title of the thesis: "Non-stationary nonlinear processes and stochastic oscillations in spatially extended systems of radio-physics and electronics". Since 1988 S. P. Kuznetsov is a Head Researcher of Saratov Division of Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics of RAS, from 1996 — a Professor of Department of Nonlinear Processes of Saratov University. From 2001 S. P. Kuznetsov is a head of Laboratory of Theoretical Nonlinear Dynamics in Saratov Branch of IRE RAS.
S. P. Kuznetsov is an author of textbook "Dynamical Chaos" and more than 150 published works in Russian and International scientific press. Seven Candidate works have been performed under supervision of S. P. Kuznetsov. He was a Laureate of State Stipendium for Distinguished Scientists of Russian Federation (1994–1996), Soros Associated Professor (1998), Soros Professor (2000, 2001). He is a member of Editorial board of the Journal "Applied Nonlinear Dynamics" issued by Saratov University.

Main publications:
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  3. S. P. Kuznetsov, A. P. Kuznetsov, I. R. Sataev, “Multiparameter Critical Situations, Universality and Scaling in Two-Dimensional Period-Doubling Maps”, Journal of Statistical Physics, 121:5–6 (2005), 697–748  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  adsnasa
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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