Shalagin, Anatolii Mikhailovich

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Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1973)
Speciality: 01.04.05 (Optics)
Keywords: laser, radiation, population, optical transitions, collisions, Dopler-effect, saturation, adsorption, spectr, nonlinear resonances, inversion.


optics, laser physics, gas kinetics, nonlinear spectroscopy.

Main publications:
  • Rautian S. G., Shalagin A. M. Pisma ZhETF 9 786 (1969)
  • Gelmukhanov F. Kh., Shalagin A. M. Pisma ZhETF 29 773 (1979)
  • Atutov S. N., Ermolaev I. M., Shalagin A. M. ZhETF 92 1215 (1987)
  • Shalagin A. M. Pisma ZhETF 75 301 (2002)
  • Markov R. V. i dr. ZhETF 136 211 (2009)
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. A. I. Parkhomenko, A.M. Shalagin, “Possibility of inversionless amplification and generation of radiation by a two-level system in the 'red' wing of its spectral line under resonant diode pumping”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 51:10 (2021),  915–919  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 51:10 (2021), 915–919  isi  scopus]
2. A. I. Parkhomenko, A.M. Shalagin, “Enhancement of the sensitivity of the light-induced drift effect to interatomic interaction potentials using a mixture of two buffer gases”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 49:7 (2019),  683–688  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 49:7 (2019), 683–688  isi  scopus]
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4. A. I. Parkhomenko, A.M. Shalagin, “Analytical model of a transversely diode-pumped alkali metal vapour laser”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 47:8 (2017),  683–692  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 47:8 (2017), 683–692  isi  scopus]
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9. A. I. Parkhomenko, A.M. Shalagin, “Spectral anomalies of the light-induced drift effect caused by the velocity dependence of the collision broadening and shift of the absorption line”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 43:2 (2013),  162–166  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 43:2 (2013), 162–166  isi  scopus]
10. A. I. Parkhomenko, A.M. Shalagin, “Collision frequencies in density-matrix kinetic equations describing nonlinear effects in the wings of spectral lines”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 41:11 (2011),  1016–1022  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 41:11 (2011), 1016–1022  isi  scopus]
11. A.M. Shalagin, “High-power diode-pumped alkali lasers (Celebrating 50 years of the laser: Scientific session of the General Meeting of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 13 December 2010)”, UFN, 181:9 (2011),  1011–1016  mathnet; Phys. Usp., 54:9 (2011), 975–980  isi
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