Ilyin, Vladimir Dmitrievich

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Ilyin, Vladimir Dmitrievich
Doctor of technical sciences (1990)
Speciality: 05.13.17 (Theoretical foundation for informatics)
Birth date: 14.07.1937
Keywords: symbol modeling of arbitrary objects in human-machine environment (s-modeling), s-modeling of tasks and construction of programs, s-modeling of the economic mechanism.
UDC: 004.02, 004.4, 004.5, 004.8
MSC: 68N19, 68T30, 68T35


1. Theory of the symbol modeling of arbitrary objects in human-machine environment (Theory of S-modeling).
Applications: S-modeling systems of economic activities management; S-modeling systems of science-education activities management.
2. Calculus of task constructive objects.
Applications: Systems of programs construction and s-environment services.


2010–2012. The theoretical fundamentals of symbol modeling of arbitrary objects in human-machine environment (The theoretical fundamentals of s-modeling).
2009–2012. S-model of the distributed hypermedia informatics knowledge system.
2009–2012. S-model of the normalized economic mechanism.
2004. A method for interactive conversion of resources in systems with modifiable rules.
1996. A methodology for informatization of situational management systems.
1995. A methodology for knowledge based engineering of parallel program systems.
1990. The theory of generating of task constructive objects.
1976. The methods for identification of object and the operational control of power systems.
1973. The method for identification of electricity flows in the lines of electric networks.

Main publications:
  1. Ilyin V. D., Program Generating System, Nauka, Moscow, 1989, 264 pp.
  2. Vladimir D. Ilyin, “A methodology for knowledge based engineering of parallel program systems”, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (Melbourne, Australia, June 05–09, 1995), Gordon and Breach Sci. Publ., Newark, NJ, 1995, 805–809
  3. Ilyin V. D., Situation Informatization Foundations, Nauka, Moscow, 1996, 180 pp.
  4. Ilyin A. V., Ilyin V. D., S-economics: economy in the Internet era, IPI RAN, Moscow, 2011, 105 с.
  5. Ilyin A. V., Ilyin V. D., The Symbol modeling in informatics, IPI RAN, Moscow, 2011, 204 pp.
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