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1. Yu. I. Latyshev, A. V. Frolov, V. A. Volkov, T. L. Wade, V. A. Prudkoglyad, A. P. Orlov, V. M. Pudalov, M. Konczykowski, “Manifestations of surface states in the longitudinal magnetoresistance of an array of bi nanowires”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 107:3 (2018),  193–197  mathnet  elib; JETP Letters, 107:3 (2018), 192–195  isi  scopus
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4. Yu. I. Latyshev, A. P. Orlov, P. Monceau, “Charge density wave transport in NbSe$_3$ at low temperatures under high magnetic field”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 93:2 (2011),  101–104  mathnet; JETP Letters, 93:2 (2011), 99–102  isi  scopus
5. Yu. I. Latyshev, A. P. Orlov, A. Yu. Latyshev, T. L. Wade, M. Konczykowski, P. Monceau, “Aharonov-bohm effect on multiwall carbon nanotubes under conditions close to strong carrier localization”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 90:9 (2009),  672–675  mathnet; JETP Letters, 90:9 (2009), 608–611  isi  scopus
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7. Yu. I. Latyshev, M. Konczykowski, S.-J. Kim, “Probing the mechanism of interaction of Josephson vortices and pancake vortex lines in Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+x}$ with columnar defects”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 89:7 (2009),  402–404  mathnet; JETP Letters, 89:7 (2009), 342–344  isi  scopus
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9. A. P. Orlov, Yu. I. Latyshev, D. Vignolles, P. Monceau, “Energy gap of a charge density wave in NbSe<sub>3</sub> induced by a high magnetic field above the Peierls transition temperature”, Pis'ma v Zh. Èksper. Teoret. Fiz., 87:8 (2008),  502–506  mathnet; JETP Letters, 87:8 (2008), 433–436  isi  scopus
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16. Yu. I. Latyshev, “Quantum interference of a moving charge density wave on columnar defects containing magnetic flux”, UFN, 169:8 (1999),  924–926  mathnet; Phys. Usp., 42:8 (1999), 830–832  isi

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