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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. On the dynamics of a pendulum mounted on a movable platform
A. P. Markeev, D. A. Sukhoruchkin
Vestn. Udmurtsk. Univ. Mat. Mekh. Komp. Nauki, 28:2 (2018),  240–251
2. On stability of motion of the Maxwell pendulum
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 13:2 (2017),  207–226
3. On the Stability of Periodic Motions of an Autonomous Hamiltonian System in a Critical Case of the Fourth-order Resonance
Anatoly P. Markeev
Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 22:7 (2017),  773–781
4. On the stability of the two-link trajectory of the parabolic Birkhoff billiards
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 12:1 (2016),  75–90
5. On the stability of periodic trajectories of a planar Birkhoff billiard
A. P. Markeev
Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 295 (2016),  206–217
6. On stability of permanent rotation of a disk that collides with an horizontal plane
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 11:4 (2015),  685–707
7. On the fixed points stability for the area-preserving maps
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 11:3 (2015),  503–545
8. On the Birkhoff Transformation in the Case of Complete Degeneracy of the Quadratic Part of the Hamiltonian
Anatoly P. Markeev
Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 20:3 (2015),  309–316
9. Simplifying the structure of the third and fourth degree forms in the expansion of the Hamiltonian with a linear transformation
Anatoly P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 10:4 (2014),  447–464
10. A motion of connected pendulums
Anatoly P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 9:1 (2013),  27–38
11. On the dynamics of a rigid body carrying a material point
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 8:2 (2012),  219–229
12. On a periodic motion of a rigid body carrying a material point in the presence of impacts with a horizontal plane
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 8:1 (2012),  71–81
13. On nonlinear Meissners equation
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 7:3 (2011),  531–547
14. Nonlinear oscillations of sympathetic pendulums
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 6:3 (2010),  605–622
15. To the theory of resonant rotation of the Mercury
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 5:1 (2009),  87–98
16. Dynamics of a rigid body that collides with a rigid surface
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 4:1 (2008),  1–38

17. On the Birkhoff transformation in the case of complete degeneracy of the quadratic part of the Hamiltonian
A. P. Markeev
Nelin. Dinam., 11:2 (2015),  343–352

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. On the motion of a heavy rigid body above horizontal plane
A. P. Markeev
International Conference on Mathematical Control Theory and Mechanics
July 7, 2015 09:00
2. One critical case in the problem of stability for a periodic solution in an autonomous Hamiltonian system
A. P. Markeev
International scientific conference "Days of Classical Mechanics"
January 26, 2015 16:00   

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