Minkin Vladimir Isaakovich

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Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of chemical sciences (1966)
Birth date: 4.03.1935
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Photocontrolled molecular switches based on bistable spirocyclic organic and coordination compounds
V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 82:1 (2013),  1–26
2. Synthesis, reactions and structures of telluronium salts
A. V. Zakharov, I. D. Sadekov, V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 75:3 (2006),  234–253
3. Circumambulatory rearrangements of cyclopolyenes containing element-centred migrants
V. I. Minkin, I. E. Mikhailov, G. A. Dushenko, A. Zschunke
Usp. Khim., 72:10 (2003),  978–1010
4. Non-classical structures of organic compounds: unusual stereochemistry and hypercoordination
V. I. Minkin, R. M. Minyaev, R. Hoffmann
Usp. Khim., 71:11 (2002),  989–1014
5. Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry at the Rostov State University
V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 71:11 (2002),  987–988
6. Specific features of the reactivity of organotellurium compounds
I. D. Sadekov, V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 64:6 (1995),  527–561
7. Stereodynamics and degenerate ligand exchange in solutions of tetracoordinate chelate complexes of nontransition metals
V. I. Minkin, L. E. Nivorozhkin, M. S. Korobov
Usp. Khim., 63:4 (1994),  303–326
8. Norbornadiene–quadricyclane – an effective molecular system for the storage of solar energy
V. A. Bren, A. D. Dubonosov, V. I. Minkin, V. A. Chernoivanov
Usp. Khim., 60:5 (1991),  913–948
9. Quantum-chemical studies of the structure and reactivity of carbenes
V. I. Minkin, B. Ya. Simkin, M. N. Glukhovtsev
Usp. Khim., 58:7 (1989),  1067–1090
10. Organotellurium Compounds in Organic Synthesis
I. D. Sadekov, B. B. Rivkin, V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 56:4 (1987),  586–608
11. The Structure and Valence Isomerisation of Antiaromatic Compounds
M. N. Glukhovtsev, B. Ya. Simkin, V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 54:1 (1985),  86–125
12. Polyhedral Organic Molecules and Ions – Structural Analogues of Organometallic Clusters
V. I. Minkin, R. M. Minyaev
Usp. Khim., 51:4 (1982),  586–624
13. Doubly Stabilised Chalcogenonium Ylides
I. D. Sadekov, V. I. Minkin, V. V. Semenov, S. A. Shevelev
Usp. Khim., 50:5 (1981),  813–859
14. The Synthesis and Structure of Telluranes
I. D. Sadekov, A. Ya. Bushkov, V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 48:4 (1979),  635–674
15. The Intramolecular Hydrogen Bond and the Reactivity of Organic Compounds
I. D. Sadekov, V. I. Minkin, A. E. Lutskii
Usp. Khim., 39:3 (1970),  380–411
16. Experimental Determination of the Dipole Moments of Organic Molecules in Excited Electronic States
N. G. Bakhshiev, M. I. Knyazhanskii, V. I. Minkin, O. A. Osipov, G. V. Saidov
Usp. Khim., 38:9 (1969),  1644–1673
17. Dipole Moments and the Structure of π-Complexes of Metals
A. D. Garnovskii, O. A. Osipov, V. I. Minkin
Usp. Khim., 37:10 (1968),  1782–1814
18. Electronic effects of substituents in aromatic systems as transmitted through the azomethine group
V. I. Minkin, Yu. A. Zhdanov, E. A. Medyantseva
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 159:6 (1964),  1330–1333
19. The dipole moments and structure of intracomplex copper compounds with aromatic Schiff's bases
V. A. Kogan, O. A. Osipov, V. I. Minkin, M. I. Gorelov
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 153:3 (1963),  594–596
20. Acoplanar arrangement of molecules in benzalaniline and its derivatives
V. I. Minkin, E. A. Medyantseva, A. M. Simonov
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 149:6 (1963),  1347–1350
21. Dipole moments and absorption spectra of o-hydroxyaldehyde anils
V. I. Minkin, O. A. Osipov, V. A. Kogan
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 145:2 (1962),  336–339
22. Dipole moments of imidazole and its derivatives
O. A. Osipov, A. M. Simonov, V. I. Minkin, A. D. Garnovskii
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 137:6 (1961),  1374–1376
23. Formylation and acylation of organic compounds with substituted amides of carboxylic acids
V. I. Minkin, G. N. Dorofeenko
Usp. Khim., 29:11 (1960),  1301–1335

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