Nanii, Oleg Evgen'evich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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1. D. E. Artemov, O. E. Nanii, A. P. Smirnov, A. I. Fedoseev, “Dynamics of a Q-switched bismuth-doped fibre laser: simulation and comparison with experiment”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 51:4 (2021),  299–305  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 51:4 (2021), 299–305  isi  scopus]
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3. T. O. Lukashova, O. E. Nanii, S. P. Nikitin, V. N. Treshchikov, “Measurement accuracy and spatial resolution of a distributed temperature sensor based on a two-pulse differential coherent reflectometer”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 50:9 (2020),  882–887  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 50:9 (2020), 882–887  isi  scopus]
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5. V. A. Konyshev, O. E. Nanii, A. G. Novikov, V. N. Treshchikov, R. R. Ubaydullaev, “Design principles for modern fibre-optic communication lines”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 49:12 (2019),  1149–1153  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 49:12 (2019), 1149–1153  isi  scopus]
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7. O. E. Nanii, A. I. Odintsov, A. I. Panakov, A. P. Smirnov, A. I. Fedoseev, “Simultaneous mode locking and Q-switching in a solid-state laser with a travelling-wave acousto-optic modulator and retroreflector”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 49:2 (2019),  119–123  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 49:2 (2019), 119–123  isi  scopus]
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11. O. E. Nanii, A. I. Odintsov, A. I. Panakov, A. P. Smirnov, A. I. Fedoseev, “QML-generation dynamics of a solid-state laser with an acousto-optic travelling wave modulator”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 47:11 (2017),  1000–1004  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 47:11 (2017), 1000–1004  isi  scopus]
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