Yudovich, Victor Iosifovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1974)
Speciality: 01.02.05 (Mechanics of fluids, gases and plasmas)
Birth date: 14.12.1934
Keywords: existence of solution; uniqueness; bifurcation; stability; invariant measure; turbulence; parametrical resonance; spectrum; operator; differential form; curavature; tensor product; fluid; vorticity; symmetry; cosymmetry.
Main publications:
  • Yudovich V. I. Nestatsionarnye techeniya idealnoi neszhimaemoi zhidkosti // ZhVM i MF, 1963. T. 3, # 6. S. 1032–1066.
  • Yudovich V. I. Kosimmetriya, vyrozhdenie reshenii operatornykh uravnenii, vozniknovenie filtratsionnoi konvektsii // Matem. zametki, 1991. T. 49, vyp. 5. S. 142–148.
  • Yudovich V. I. Periodicheskie differentsialnye uravneniya s samosopryazhennym operatorom monodromii // Matematicheskii sbornik. 2001. T. 192, # 3. S. 137–160.
  • Yudovich V. I. Metod linearizatsii v gidrodinamicheskoi teorii ustoichivosti. Rostov-na-Donu: Izd-vo RGU, 1984.
  • Babskii V. G., Zhukov M. Yu., Yudovich V. I. Matematicheskaya teoriya elektroforeza: primenenie k metodam fraktsionirovaniya biopolimerov. Kiev: Naukova dumka, 1983.
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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