Gevorkyan Gegham Grigor'evich

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Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1992)
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Uniqueness Theorems for Generalized Haar Systems
G. G. Gevorkyan, K. A. Navasardyan
Mat. Zametki, 104:1 (2018),  11–24
2. Uniqueness theorems of Franklin series, converging to integrable functions
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Sb., 209:6 (2018),  25–46
3. Uniqueness Theorem for Multiple Franklin Series
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 101:2 (2017),  199–210
4. On a summation method for Vilenkin and generalized Haar systems
G. G. Gevorkyan, K. A. Navasardyan
Proceedings of the YSU, Physics & Mathematics, 51:1 (2017),  13–17
5. On the uniqueness of series in the Franklin system
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Sb., 207:12 (2016),  30–53
6. Uniqueness Theorems for Series in the Franklin System
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 98:5 (2015),  786–789
7. General Franklin system as a basis in $B^1[0,1]$
G. G. Gevorkyan
Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 78:6 (2014),  65–82
8. Majorant and Paley function for series in general Franklin systems
G. G. Gevorgyan, A. S. Martirosyan
Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 280 (2013),  138–149
9. On absolute and unconditional convergence of series in the general Franklin system
G. G. Gevorkyan, K. A. Kerian
Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 73:2 (2009),  69–90
10. On Walsh series with monotone coefficients
G. G. Gevorkyan, K. A. Navasardyan
Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 63:1 (1999),  41–60
11. Some linear summation methods for Fourier series
A. A. Talalyan, G. G. Gevorkyan, G. A. Karagulian
Mat. Sb., 189:5 (1998),  129–152
12. Majorants and uniqueness of series in the Franklin system
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 59:4 (1996),  521–545
13. On uniqueness of multiple trigonometric series
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Sb., 184:11 (1993),  93–130
14. Trigonometric series summable by means of Riemann's method
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 52:3 (1992),  17–34
15. Uniqueness of multiple trigonometric series
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 52:2 (1992),  148–150
16. Uniqueness of Franklin series
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 46:2 (1989),  51–58
17. Trigonometric integrals that are integrable by the Riemann method
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 45:5 (1989),  114–117
18. Absolute and conditional convergence of series in Franklin systems
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 45:3 (1989),  30–42
19. On the uniqueness of trigonometric series
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Sb., 180:11 (1989),  1462–1474
20. Some theorems on unconditional convergence and the majorant of Franklin series and their applications to the spaces $\operatorname{Re}H_p$
G. G. Gevorkyan
Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov., 190 (1989),  49–74
21. Weyl multipliers for the unconditional convergence of series in a Franklin system
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 41:6 (1987),  789–797
22. Unboundedness of the shift operator with respect to the Franklin system in the space $L_1$
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 38:4 (1985),  523–533
23. Uniqueness sets for complete orthonormal systems
G. G. Gevorkyan
Mat. Zametki, 32:5 (1982),  651–656

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