Mukhamedov, Farrukh Maksutovich

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Mukhamedov, Farrukh Maksutovich

Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2005)
Speciality: 01.01.01 (Real analysis, complex analysis, and functional analysis)
Birth date: 2.01.1975
Phone: +60179426800
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Keywords: dynamical systems, trajectory theory of dinamical systems, nonlinear operators and processes, random walks in random environment, $p$-adic analysis, the Gibbs measures, lattice models of statistical mechanics, ergodic averages, von Neumann algebras, quantum lattice models, operator theory, quantun chaos.
UDC: 517.98, 517.987, 517.998, 517.958, 519.217, 519.248, 530.1, 519.21, 531.19
MSC: 28d05, 28d15, 22d20, 22d25, 46l35, 60g99, 60b15, 82b20, 92b05, 97b10, 37a45, 47a35, 47a99


Investigation of phase transition for lattice models and description of types of the corresponding von Neumann algebras constructed by GNS-repesentation of Gibbs measures of some lattice models.
Investigations of Gibbs measures of certain lattice models over the $p$-adic number field.
Investigations of attractors and Siegel disc of certain $p$-adic dynamical systems.
Investigations of ergodic properties of quantum quadratic stochastic processes on von Neumann algebras.
Investigations of ergodic theorems for $C^*$-dynamical systems and noncommutative ergodic theory.
Study of quantum Markov chains.


Tashkent State University 1991–1996 Student.
Institute of Mathematics Academy Sciences of Uzbekistan, 1996–1998 Graduate Student.
Institute of Mathematics Academy Sciences of Uzbekistan, 1998–1999 Junior Scientific Fellow.
National University of Uzbekistan, 1999–2002 post doctora.
National University of Uzbekistan, 2003–2004 Associate Professor.
National University of Uzbekistan, 2004–2005 Senior Scientific Fellow.
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, 2005–2007 PosDoc.
International Islamic University Malaysia, 2007 up to now.

Main publications:
  1. Accardi L., Fidaleo F., Mukhamedov, F., “Markov states and chains on the CAR algebra.”, Infinite Dimensional Analysism, Quantum Probab. Related Topics, 10:2 (2007), 165-183
  2. Khrennikov A.Yu., Mukhamedov F.M., Mendes J.F.F., “On $p$-adic Gibbs measures of countable state Potts model on the Cayley tree,”, Nonlinearity, 20 (2007), 2923-2937
  3. Mukhamedov, F. Akin H., Temir S., “On infinite dimensional quadratic Volterra operators,”, Jour. Math. Anal. Appl., 310 (2005), 533-556
  4. Fidaleo, F., Mukhamedov, F., “Strict weak mixing of some $C^*$–dynamical systems based on free shifts,”, Jour. Math. Anal. Appl., 336 (2007), 18-187
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. F. M. Mukhamedov, O. N. Khakimov, “$p$-adic monomial equations and their perturbations”, Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 84:2 (2020),  152–165  mathnet  elib; Izv. Math., 84:2 (2020), 348–360  isi  scopus
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5. F. Mukhamedov, “On the uniform zero-two law for positive contractions of Jordan algebras”, Eurasian Math. J., 8:4 (2017),  55–62  mathnet  isi
6. F. M. Mukhamedov, M. A. Mukhamedov, “Ergodicity Coefficient and Ergodic Properties of Inhomogeneous Markov Chains in Ordered Normed Spaces with a Base”, Mat. Zametki, 99:3 (2016),  477–480  mathnet  mathscinet  elib; Math. Notes, 99:3 (2016), 480–483  isi  scopus
7. F. M. Mukhamedov, M. Kh. Saburov, O. N. Khakimov, “Translation-invariant $p$-adic quasi-Gibbs measures for the Ising–Vannimenus model on a Cayley tree”, TMF, 187:1 (2016),  155–176  mathnet  mathscinet  elib; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 187:1 (2016), 583–602  isi  scopus
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9. F. M. Mukhamedov, B. A. Omirov, M. Kh. Saburov, K. K. Masutova, “Solvability of cubic equations in $p$-adic integers ($p>3$)”, Sibirsk. Mat. Zh., 54:3 (2013),  637–654  mathnet  mathscinet; Siberian Math. J., 54:3 (2013), 501–516  isi  scopus
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12. L. Accardi, F. M. Mukhamedov, M. Kh. Saburov, “Uniqueness of Quantum Markov Chains Associated with an $XY$-Model on a Cayley Tree of Order $2$”, Mat. Zametki, 90:2 (2011),  168–182  mathnet  mathscinet; Math. Notes, 90:2 (2011), 162–174  isi  scopus
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. One pure quasi quantum quadratic operators
F. M. Mukhamedov
International conference "QP 34 – Quantum Probability and Related Topics"
September 17, 2013 14:30   

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