Sharipov, Ruslan Abdulovich

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Associate professor
Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (1989)
Speciality: 01.01.02 (Differential equations, dynamical systems, and optimal control)
Birth date: 22.04.1961
Keywords: dynamical systems on manifolds; integrable equations of mathematical physics; classificational theory of ordinary differential equations; algebraicity of holomorphic functions.


I have interests in several brunches of mathematics and in theoretical physics. Part of these interests are already realized and supported by obtained results. Another part is reserved as future prospect. To the first part of my interests I attribute 1) soliton theory, theory of soliton equations, and theory of integrable dynamical systems in whole; 2) classification problems for differential equations being solved by geometric methods (point transformations, symmetry analysis, invariants search, and invariant form of integrability conditions); 3) complex analysis on a joint with algebra; 4) differential geometry on a joint with theory of dynamical systems (the construction of normal shift). Second part of my scientific interests is elementary particle physics and field theory. I am going to concentrate efforts in this direction in order to raise my level of competence and to obtain some results here in future.


In 1983 I graduated Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), department of General and Applied Physics with specialization in solid state physics. However, further I entered Post Graduate Courses at Steklov Mathematical Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR and continued my career in the field of mathematics. Here I specialized in the field of soliton equations. I have obtained explicit formulas for multiplet solutions of Korteweg–de Vries equation and Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation either in rational case and in the case of such solutions with finite-gap (algebro-geometrical) background. This was subject of my Ph.D. thesis, which was defended in 1989. Since 1987 up to now I am applied in Bashkir State University at the Chair of Algebra and Geometry. In 1987 in cooperation with R. F. Bikbaev I have managed to transfer one-dimensional scattering theory, which is used for solving Korteweg–de Vries equation, to the case of potentials fast decreasing to finite-gap (algebro-geometrical) background. Large time asymptotics for corresponding solutions of Korteweg–de Vries equation also was described. Further I dealt with Bullough–Dodd–Jiber–Shabat equation, which now is also called Tzitzeica equation. In cooperation with I. Yu. Cherdantsev I have constructed finite-gap (algebro-geometrical) solutions for this equation and soliton solutions on finite-gap background as well. In cooperation with R. I. Yamilov I have rediscovered Backlund transformations for this equation, which was first discovered by Tzitzeica in the beginning of twentieth century, then forgotten, and assumed to be absent by specialists. In 1993 my interests moved to the field of differential geometry. In cooperation with A. Yu. Boldin I have generalized classical construction of normal shift by Bonnet for the case of shift along trajectories of Newtonian dynamical systems. Then in cooperation with A. A. Bronnikov, V. V. Dmitrieva, and S. S. Safin these result was transferred into Riemannian geometry. I am continuing these investigations up to now. Moreover, since 1993 I have obtained effective criterion for point classification for one class of ordinary differential equations, in cooperation with M. V. Pavlov and S. I. Svinolupov I have obtained invariant criterion of integrability for the equations solvable by generalized hodograph method suggested by S. P. Tsarev. I have also some results on algebraicity of holomorphic functions in cooperation with A. B. Sukhov and E. N. Tsyganov. In 1999 I have prepared a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Russia. However, this thesis is not yet defended.

In 1998 I have won grant from G. Soros foundation and I was awarded a title of Soros Associate Professor.

Main publications:
  • Sharipov R. A. Effective procedure of point-classification for the equation $y''=P+3Qy'+3Ry'^2+Sy'^3$, Electronic archive at LANL (, 1998, math.DG/9802027, 1–35.
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