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1. I. M. Beterov, A. I. Gizbrekht, M. N. Nenchev, Z. Ĭ. Peshev, V. Ĭ. Stefanov, N. V. Fateev, “Two-wave stimulated emission from lasers utilizing $F^-_2$ color centers in an LiF crystal”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 15:9 (1988),  1770–1772  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 18:9 (1988), 1105–1106  isi]
2. I. M. Beterov, G. L. Vasilenko, N. V. Fateev, “Nonlinear interaction of Na Rydberg atoms (<i>P</i> series) with infrared and millimeter radiation”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 15:7 (1988),  1488–1496  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 18:7 (1988), 933–938  isi]
3. I. M. Beterov, O. V. Drozdova, S. S. Kolyago, R. È. Matts, “Investigation of the optical and lasing characteristics of Tl<sup>0</sup>(1) color centers in a KCl:Tl crystal”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 13:7 (1986),  1524–1525  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 16:7 (1986), 997–999  isi]
4. I. M. Beterov, M. A. Vaksman, Ya. G. Èpel'baum, N. I. Yurshina, “Steady-state saturated photodissociation of bromine molecules in an argon laser radiation field”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 9:1 (1982),  66–75  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 12:1 (1982), 42–47  isi]
5. I. M. Beterov, N. V. Fateev, “Laser-activated chemisorption of SF<sub>6</sub> molecules on a hot surface”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 8:7 (1981),  1515–1520  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 11:7 (1981), 912–915  isi]
6. I. M. Beterov, Yu. V. Brzhazovskii, A. A. Vostrikov, N. V. Gaiskii, B. E. Semyachkin, “Investigation of condensation of $SF_6$ in a free jet in the presence of laser radiation”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 7:11 (1980),  2443–2453  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 10:11 (1980), 1422–1428  isi]
7. I. M. Beterov, V. P. Chebotaev, N. I. Yurshina, B. Ya. Yurshin, “Effect of the laser radiation intensity on the kinetics of the heterogeneous photochemical reaction between singlecrystal germanium and bromine gas”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 5:11 (1978),  2332–2336  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 8:11 (1978), 1310–1312]
8. I. M. Beterov, V. P. Chebotaev, N. V. Fateev, D. V. Yakovin, “Influence of laser radiation on electron capture by molecules”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 5:4 (1978),  926–928  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 8:4 (1978), 533–534]
9. I. M. Beterov, S. P. Syfitanov, A. V. Shishaev, B. Ya. Yurshin, “Shift of the emission frequency of a cw dye laser due to changes in pump intensity”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 4:3 (1977),  596–599  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 7:3 (1977), 330–332]
10. I. M. Beterov, V. N. Ishchenko, B. Ya. Kogan, B. M. Krasovitskiĭ, A. A. Chernenko, “Stimulated emission from 2-phenyl-5(4-difluoromethylsulfonylphenyl) oxazole pumped with nitrogen laser radiation”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 4:2 (1977),  441–442  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 7:2 (1977), 246]
11. I. M. Beterov, L. S. Vasilenko, L. A. Kovaleva, A. V. Shishaev, B. Ya. Yurshin, “Use of a high-power Ar<sup>+</sup> laser for pumping of a cw dye laser”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 3:6 (1976),  1359–1362  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 6:6 (1976), 742–744]
12. I. M. Beterov, V. I. Stroganov, V. I. Trunov, B. Ya. Yurshin, “Excitation of optical harmonics in lithium iodate and formate crystals by cw dye laser radiation”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 2:11 (1975),  2440–2443  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 5:11 (1975), 1329–1331]
13. I. M. Beterov, A. S. Provorov, V. P. Chebotaev, “Continuously operating high-pressure carbon dioxide laser with a tuning range of 800 MHz”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 2:2 (1975),  437–440  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 5:2 (1975), 257–258]
14. I. M. Beterov, L. S. Vasilenko, V. A. Gangardt, V. P. Chebotaev, “Investigation of narrow resonances in the saturation of the absorption of CO<sub>2</sub> 00<sup>0</sup>1–02<sup>0</sup>0 radiation in silicon tetrafluoride”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 1:4 (1974),  970–973  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 4:4 (1974), 535–536]

15. I. M. Beterov, O. V. Drozdova, S. S. Kolyago, R. È. Matts, “Errata to the article: Investigation of the optical and lasing characteristics of Tl<sup>0</sup>(1) color centers in a KCl:Tl crystal”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 13:10 (1986),  2154  mathnet [Sov J Quantum Electron, 16:10 (1986), 1426]
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