Samoilenko, Anatoly Mykhailovych

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1968)
Speciality: 01.01.02 (Differential equations, dynamical systems, and optimal control)
Birth date: 2.01.1938
Keywords: theory of perturbations of invariant manifolds; multifrequency oscillations; Green function for the problem of invariant torus; linear extensions of dynamical systems on a torus; asymptotic methods of nonlinear mechanics; averaging methods; methods of accelerated convergence; impulsive systems; boundary-value problems.


The scientific interests cover problems related to the investigation of the behavior of integral curves on invariant toroidal and compact manifolds and in their neighborhoods, the development of the theory of perturbations of toroidal manifolds, the development of asymptotic methods and creation of new methods for investigations in nonlinear mechanics. The notion of the Green function of the problem on the invariant torus of a linear extension of a dynamical system on a torus was introduced. Fundamental results were obtained in the theory of impulsive differential systems. For the investigation of periodic problems for systems of ordinary differential equations, the "numerical-analytic method" was proposed, which was further generalized to a broad class of boundary-value problems.


Graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at the Shevchenko Kiev State University in 1960. Defended the Candidate-Degree Thesis in 1963 and Doctoral-Degree Thesis in 1967. Worked as a senior scientific researcher at the Institute of Mathematics in 1965–1974. A professor since 1974. The head of the Chair of Differential Equations at the Shevchenko Kiev State University in 1974–1987. The Director of the Institute of Mathematics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences since 1988. Elected to become a Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in 1978 and Full Academician in 1995. I am the author of more than 400 scientific works, among which there are 16 monographs and 10 textbooks. I give lectures at the Shevchenko Kiev State University and National Technical University "KPI."

Decorated with an order of Friendship of Peoples (1984) and a diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukraine (1987). Awarded the State Prize of the Ukraine in the field of Science and Engineering (1985 and 1996), the N. Krylov Prize (1981) and N. Bogolyubov Prize (1998) of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. Awarded the title of "Soros Professor" in 1996 and the title of "Honored Personality of Science and Technology of Ukraine" in 1998.

Main publications:
  • Ronto M., Samoilenko A. M. Numerical-Analytic Methods in the Theory of Boundary-Value Problems. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co., 2000. x+455 pp.
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